Anna and Watson’s puppies are home

October 18, 2021 – The pups went home today.  Updated pictures coming soon! We miss them already.



October 7, 2021 – Anna’s puppies are doing so well. They seem desensitized completely to storms, fireworks, traffic sounds, kids yelling, truck and traffic sounds, blow dryer sounds, vacuums, etc.   And they seem to be gaining so much confidence, showing that all of our work is working. Today, Anna’s guardian family came to visit and the pups showed no timidity, only confidence! Even with their masks on, the pups showed no fear. And when held, they settled into strangers arms and seemed so relaxed. All good to see! They are on kibble now for all meals and doing very well at their litter box training. Overall, they are right where we want them to be at this stage. Here are the pictures we took of them today.

Autumn in the puppy play area. She’s about eight ounces bigger than her brother right now. He’s caught up a little bit in size but she’ll still end up being the bigger of the two. Interestingly, he’s the leader, she’s more laid back and unsure.
It’s funny sometimes to see Aspen carry stuffed animals in his mouth almost as big as he is! Couldn’t get it on film though. What a cutie!
Aspen taking a break from play.






































September 30, 2021 – The puppies are looking so cute! It seems like they’ve changed a lot in a week. Their coats are filling in and they are looking cuter every day. They are still so attached to mama (and she to them) that it’s hard to separate them to try to introduce them to mushy kibble. That’s okay, it’s always good to have such a devoted mama. The pups are desensitized now to most scary noises. We play different sounds daily (loudly) and nothing seems to phase them anymore. Now we’re working on their confidence.  We are bringing them out to different parts of the house to explore and introduced the pups to our other dogs yesterday and they did great. Here they are at five weeks old!


















September 21, 2021 – The pups are turning four weeks old! Anna and Watson’s pups are progressing in their conditioning. We finished the bio-sensor phase, and now they seem very conditioned to thunderstorms, fireworks and other loud noises. They’ve had baths to get accustomed to the feel and sound of water on them, and today we blow dried them for more conditioning.  They still are pretty lazy, sleeping a lot (typical for a litter of two with no need to compete for anything) but soon they will be wrestling and chasing.  They do walk around their pen a bit, but quickly plop back down for mama to come and care for them.  Mama still never leaves their side except to do her potty business. She is extremely attentive to their every need and hates to leave them for even a minute.   Here are the pictures we took of them today!

Aspen weighed in at a full pound less than his sister this week. It’s become clear he has taken on mama’s DNA and we expect he will grow to be 18-20 lbs..









Autumn will be a little bigger, perhaps growing to 25-28 lbs. like her dad.













September 16, 2021 – On August 25, Anna’s puppies arrived healthy and strong!  She had a very small litter, unexpectedly, and brought us one male and one female.  In honor of fall and their arrival, we’re calling this Anna’s Fall Litter and we’ve named them accordingly.  Aspen is the male, and Autumn is the darker red girl.

They are super well fed and hardly want to move! This is common with a small litter, where they never have to fight for food and mama constantly comes to them and dotes on their every need. They are plump and extremely relaxed because of it!  Their temperaments already seem golden after mama’s great care, two weeks of daily bio-sensor steps and already on their way to sound conditioning.  They are getting baths, massages, and soon they should become more active and ready to come out of the pen a little bit to start walking and exploring.  Right now, they still mostly sleep!  Waiting for them to have a bit more energy to walk and play.


Here are the pictures we have of these cute puppies so far!

Autumn is the darker red one (girl) and Aspen is the lighter (apricot) boy.
They are still at the age where they always stay close to each other. Soon they’ll begin to separate a bit more.



Proud mama Anna with her babies at two weeks old.




Anna just didn’t go into labor, so the vet monitored progesterone levels until they hit the perfect mark, knowing the pups were ready to come out with a C-section. Mama rested and was kept comfortable with her babies.