The for our Australian Multigen Labradoodles is $3,000. If transportation is requested, transportation charges are billed separately. Puppy comfort and safety is really, really important to us! We can hand deliver your puppy, or you may come to us and pick up. (With rare exception, we may ship your pup to you on a short, direct flight. It is never best option- we don’t like to put our puppies on a cargo flight.)

LABRADOODLE PUPPY APPLICATION   –  Valley Vineyard Labradoodles

Thank you for considering us in bringing a new family member into your home!

We also use this application to help us in ensuring a good fit for all parties involved, especially the puppy, and to make sure you understand the commitment you are making. It also helps us know exactly what you are looking for. Please answer all questions thoroughly. Upon completion, please email this signed form to

Once you’ve received an emailed approval from us, a $500.00 deposit fee will reserve your puppy. Deposits can be accepted via a cash app (Zelle is an smart phone app linked to most banks and is safest with no fees) or a check mailed to our home, if done promptly. Your deposit will be applied toward the $3,000 adoption fee and is non-refundable, unless for some reason, we are unable to provide you with a puppy that you are requesting. If you would like us to deliver your puppy to your home, or find a safe and direct flight only to an airport near you, additional fees would apply. (We have a wonderful courier that can fly a pup to an airport near you for a nominal fee to pay for their time and the cost of an airline ticket.)

Upon receipt of your deposit and application, we will email you an acknowledgement of this agreement and keep you informed of the status of your name on our reservation list and the timing of your new puppy ownership.

NAME/S: __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________

CITY: __________________________     STATE: _______    ZIP: ______________

PHONE:_____________________ CELL: __________________

EMAIL: __________________________________________________

OCCUPATION/S: __________________________________________________________



GENDER: MALE: _______ FEMALE: _______ EITHER: _______

It is very hard to guarantee a gender, and it’s best to keep your options open so that you have both genders to choose from when your selection time approaches! We find very little difference, if any, in the genders of this breed. Unless you are placed toward the top of a reservation list, we cannot secure specific gender requests.

COLOR, indicate preferences in 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice. If you are open to all colors, that will leave your selection options  more open!

APRICOT: _______ CREAM: _______ RED: _______ CHOCOLATE: _______ BLACK: _______ CARAMEL: ________

We ask you to be open to at least three colors. Puppy selections are done by the families at around 7 weeks of age. Color and sizing selections made here help us make sure we match you up with the right litter that fits what you’re looking for!

Our breeder dogs do not shed, are considered hypoallergenic and most likely will produce offspring that are the same, however we cannot guarantee the coat of any puppy we sell, especially concerning allergies.

SIZE: (We do our best to predict the adult size of the pups we sell, but please know that we cannot guarantee the final weight and height of the puppy you adopt.)

______MINIATURE – Our mini’s are around 25 lbs. (15” – 17”): ____

______MEDIUM – Our mediums are around 30-40 lbs. (18” – 21”):____

______STANDARD – Our standards can be anywhere from around 45 to 70 lbs full grown.  (22” +) Size is most accurately predicted by looking at the parents of the litter your are most interested in.

DO YOU WANT TO RESERVE A PUPPY FROM A SPECIFIC LITTER?:  ______________________________________


Does anyone in your family have allergies or asthmaYes ___ No ____

Explain: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Do all of your family members want a new puppy?  Yes _______ No _______

Are you aware of the time needed to invest in training and socializing a young puppy? (Please know that young puppies will pass through critical stages where the importance of your care or neglect could impact them for life.)  Yes____

What is your level of experience with dogs? Very experienced ____ Moderate experience ____ No experience ____

Have you ever relinquished a dog to an animal shelter or given them up to another party? Yes _______ No _______




Do you have children? Yes ____ No ____ AGES: _________________ If you have young children, have they been exposed to dogs and will you supervise against any aggressive play?  Yes______ (Young children and pups need supervision, aggressive play can be harmful to your young pups development and temperament.)   

Do you realize your puppy will require lots of positive reinforcement and ongoing training to continue the foundation and care provided while with us, and that your pup may experience separation anxiety in leaving their litter, even crying spells sometimes for several days as they adjust to their new crate and home? (We just want to make sure you realize the care a new puppy needs and that you have realistic expectations of what to expect.)  Yes _________


Do you work outside the home? (If Yes, please explain how the puppy will be cared for during the work day.) Yes _______ No ______ FULL TIME or PART TIME? __________


Do you own any other animals and have you thought through the compatibility of your pet with a new puppy? (Our puppies typically adjust and bond with other animals, but other animals may not be as receptive.) Yes _______ No _______ Type of Pet at home currently _____________________________________


Does your home have a fenced area for the pup or a safe place to play?  Yes _______ No _______

Where will your puppy be kept during the day?___________________________________________________________

Where will your puppy sleep at night?(If pup is having a hard time adjusting from their litter, we recommend the crate be placed at least temporarily next to your bed to help them feel less alone.)_______________________________________



Are you aware of the time and energy needed to care for a young pup, and are you willing and able to accept that responsibility? Yes _______ No _______

Are you willing to commit to basic training for you (yes, we believe owners need training!)  and your pup through classes, and/or reviewing online resources that we provide? Yes ________

Will the cost of caring for your dog fit comfortably into your budget? Yes _______ No _______

If you are unable to care for your dog at any point during his/her lifetime, do you agree to contact us so that we may assit you in re-homing the dog? Yes _______ No _______

Do you agree to provide your dog with all necessary veterinary care and quality food to maintain your dog in good health? Yes _______ No _______

Once we have placed you on a litter reservation list we are holding that spot for you in good faith, do you understand that should you decide you are no longer interested in a puppy before one is placed with you, that you will forego your deposit with us?  Yes ____ 

Do you agree to responding to communication from us on a timely basis during the adoption process and to pick up your puppy on the date/time your pup is ready to come home?  (Please know that if we are unable to contact you and/or you are unavailable to receive your puppy when he or she is ready to come home, you may forfeit your deposit and the adoption of your pup.) YES I agree ______ 

We believe in responsible breeding and are obligated to the responsible breeding practices as outlined by the Australian Labradoodle Association. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PUPPY BETWEEN THE AGE OF 6-9 MOS OLD AND THAT YOU WILL BE ASKED TO SIGN A LEGAL AGREEMENT AGREEING TO THIS AT THE TIME YOU PICK UP YOUR PUPPY FROM US?  YES _________________ AND Initial Here ___________________________



SIGNATURE(s): _______________________________________________________________________________________


DATE: ________________________




(503) 784-3870


* * * * *







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