Tucker has passed all his testing and is ready to be a papa

We’re so excited about this boy that we were blessed with from Mountain Park Labradoodles! He has grown up now, passed all his extensive health testing, and is soon ready to be used to sire puppies with one of our girls. He is a loyal boy, wanting always to stay very close to his human mama, Sara, and is as smart as he is cute. His genetics are excellent and he comes from a long line of authentic labradoodles. He is non shedding, of course, and has a wonderful thick lab build, and is very affectionate and loving. He loves to play, but lives for snuggles. He sat nicely for his photo shoot.  Here he is, our new stud, Tucker!

Tucker will bring us medium and standard size caramel, red and apricot puppies.

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Mountain Parks Tucker of Valley Vineyard 
ALAA Registration Number:   ALAA-pending
HEALTH TESTING OFA Elbows good, OFA Hips good, Disease panel all clear, DNA Profile on file, PRA cleared by parentage, Ophthalmologist certified.
Date Of Birth: November 27, 2021
Sire: Mountain Park Gustav
Dam: Mountain Park Maggi
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: 20 inches at the shoulder, Approx. 44 lbs., Medium-Standard
Pattern: Solid with white spotting
Color: Caramel with a brown nose
Coat: Wavy fleece, non-shedding