Piper and Flash’s pups are home

April 23, 2018 – Well, we’ve successfully sent off another litter to go home to live with wonderful families. We’ve heard great reports from all so far, and we’re expecting “happily ever after.”  Overall, the pups are said to be doing well in their crates and some even said, they had no whining in the crate or going to sleep, even the first night in their new homes. A huge hurdle for a pup, leaving their litter and our home! At least a couple of the pups slept almost 8 hours the first night. Good job, pups and families! We’re happy to say, that three pups were adopted out of this litter (two pups are being held back so we can continue our mini labradoodle breeding line!) allowing us to donate $905.00 to Amazima ministries to help children in Uganda to be fed, clothed and educated. We love that we can help bring outstanding puppies into the world and help feed children in Africa at the same time. Thank you wine litter families for your support. Please keep in touch!

black labradoodle puppies Oregon Pacific Northwest
Cabernet, now “Quimby” with her new mama, Rosalie.
labradoodle breeders Pacific Northwest Portland Salem
Chardonnay with her new mama, Wylielea.
Australian labradoodle puppy breeders Pacific Northwest Portland Salem Beaverton
Malbec, now “Moose” went home to the Carrone family.
Merlot, now “Willow” went home to live with our guardian family, the Williams’. We hope Willow will produce puppies of her own someday, after passing extensive genetic health testing.











Syrah is going to be named “Anna” and will be going to live with a forever guardian family soon. She will help us continue our mini line for breeding when her mama Piper is spayed and retired.















April 16, 2018 – This week has been busy with the pups! They went on a couple of car rides – on one, they whined a lot, and the other, with my son, they fully enjoyed without a peep (he says he plays better music.)  We worked on clicker training a bit, getting them to sit for bites of cheese. We’re trying not to give any attention to the ones that jump to be picked up and some of them really get it. They all want to be picked up and they love time out of the pen at this stage. They seem totally confident away from their mama and their litter at this point. Great for transitioning to forever homes. We continue to give holding time daily and play time outside of the pen. They’re weaning from mama and eating kibble more and more. We’re seeing little differences in personalities now, but that’s just starting to come out at seven weeks of age, and we’ve found their personalities will develop more and more with their forever families. They often pick up on the energy level and peace or anxiety in the families and homes they’re going to. They seem totally comfortable with strangers and noices, and socialization will continue with their new families. We can tell they’re getting ready to leave their little pen and be with their forever humans. Tomorrow is their final vet visit with checkups, vaccines and microchipping. Time is winding down fast!  Here are the pictures we took today at seven weeks old.

black labradoodle puppies Oregon Washington
Cabernet is smart and can be sensitive to strangers and noises a bit still. We keep working on that. She loves to be held and is really snuggly. Not sure she likes change. She’ll build in confidence as she grows!
Chardonnay is a little more demanding, and wants attention. Much like her mama, it seems. She can’t get enough of being with her humans. Isn’t it all about me?
Merlot seems like she was born confident, along with her sister, Syrah. She is energetic, playful and smart. Can’t you almost tell that by her picture?













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Syrah is the most confident little pack leader and marches around like she owns the place. She’s been the tiniest from birth, but has the energy and confidence of an alpha pup. While the other pups are wiped out and sleeping, she wants to keep going. She loves to play but also settles down and snuggles in your lap.


labradoodle puppies available black medium standard
Malbec, our boy, is slightly bigger than the girls, but has been the most shy from the beginning. Not the leader, alpha male we sometimes see. He is a little unsure of himself and sensitive with new experiences still. He is picky about being held just right, but interestingly, he has no problem being held completely upside down, ha ha (like we do with the Bio-sensor program.) He is a sweetie and will keep gaining in confidence as he grows.

























April 10, 2018 – Piper’s puppies are six weeks old today and we are really enjoying them so much at this point. It’s all about the bonding. 🙂  They are quite snuggly and so comfortable with us. This is the time of their development when it sets in that they too, will leave our house like the rest. We love what we do, but we really do attach to every pup just a little bit and see when the time is starting to wind down. This litter is starting to show more personality. The smallest girls, Syrah and Merlot are fun and spunky and seem to outlast the others with playtime and energy. So tiny, just over three pounds. Malbec is a bit more chill, watching the others and making sure he gets all the sleep he needs. The pups are now used to the steel crate as well as the small plastic travel crates. They sleep in both crates as it is always available to them in their pen. They love toys, running through tubes, and being held. If we sit on the floor with them, we soon have a lap full of puppies, as they all come running. We bring Riley and Piper’s pups together often, and they all play well together. They are starting to eat more kibble, but still mostly nursing, even though they have teeth. They love their mama! We’ve introduced them to all the noises we can think of – including recorded thunder storms and fireworks played loudly in their room. They’re pretty used to the vacuum, blow dryers, and large scary things (like our large red umbrella – we think that was the scariest thing for them to overcome.) Here are the pictures we took of them today when we pulled them away from play time.

black labradoodle puppies Oregon Salem Seattle Washington
Australian labradoodles summer puppies available black standard medium
Australian Labradoodle puppies Portland Seattle Beaverton Redding
Malbec, boy










Australian labradoodles Portland Oregon breeder puppies
Australian labradoodles black standard medium Seattle Portland





















April 2, 2018 – Five weeks ago tonight we were up late helping to bring Piper’s pups into the world. We are watching these little puppies become more and more confident and connected to us and the world around them. They now run over to us when we go near the pen with tails wagging and they come licking our hands. So cute! They want to be picked up and snuggled and they enjoy every human interaction, where before they just stared at us, or cowered in the corner. They love mama too, but we can see they’re beginning to put more focus on humans instead of mama or each other – and this is a good sign of development. They watch us and track us and we’re using small commands with them. Today, we introduced them to cheese as a treat. We’ll use that for basic training over the next few weeks. Their teeth are coming in pretty strong now and they’ll start on kibble very soon. They’re using their litter box pretty well now, making our job really easy. They’re exploring more and they love the play tunnel for play times outside the pen. No longer afraid of it! And they love the little crate in their pen – something they were afraid of a week ago. We’re loving this litter, and each puppy is adorable! Here are the pictures we took today at five weeks of age.

Australian labradoodle stud service Otregon Portland
Cabernet, 4 lb., 7 oz.


Puppy Culture therapy dogs labradoodles Seattle Portland Redding
Chardonnay, 3 lb., 15 oz.
Puppy culture puppies black labradodles
Malbec, Boy, 4 lb., 7 oz.










Puppy Culture labradoodle puppies therapy black standard puppies
Merlot, 3 lb., 8 oz.
Australian labradoodle puppies black standard cream
Syrah, 2 lb., 14 oz.






















March 26, 2018 – Four weeks old and time is flying! (I say that with every litter, I think. But it is!).  These pups are ready for all we can bring to them this week. This is a critical week of introducing them to more and more noise, people and experiences for desensitizing and emotional conditioning full on! The pups will develop fear right around the five week mark, so this is our oppportunity that is once in a lifetime. Their ears and eyes are alert to everything around them now, and they are observing and curious. We are showing them they are safe in the midst of whatever comes their way. Last week they shivered at slight movements and even a soft baby blanket being lifted over their head. Now we see them less afraid, more adventurous and with each new noise and experience, they are less likely to even flinch. Two girls, Chardonnay and Merlot, are the most timid stil. So we work with them even more. They’re the smallest and that always seems to be a factor in the more timid ones. But with our work, they always come around. Our goal is confident puppies. Every single one! Soon they’ll be marching around in confidence. Today they got their holding and massage time, but they also heard clanging, saw things dropping near them and had blankets tossed on top of them (harmless) and they didn’t seem to care. We see progress. They had baths with blowdrying and they’re already used to all that. They went from barely walking last Friday to wrestling and playing by the end of the weekend. Soon they’ll be running and climbing on the obstacles and pillows we give them. They’re ready for toys to bring more stimulation to them and that is tomorrow’s work. This is when it gets fun! They make intense eye contact with us at this point and even come over to us when we go to their pen (this is a new development) but they haven’t showed us any affection yet like they give to each other. No licking or snuggling. But that is coming soon. Here they are at four weeks old. Totally cute!

Black Australian Labradoodles puppies Seattle Portland Oregon Washington
Labradoodles standard black puppies Portland Washington Oregon Seattle
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Malbec, boy








Biosensor Puppy Culture labradoodles therapy dogs puppies


Australian labradoodle puppies therapy dogs breeders




















March 22, 2018 – Today we’ve been snuggling, bathing and enjoying the pups. We introduced them to the blow dryer today and they’re already used to other loud noises and lots of different touch. They make eye contact now, sniff us to check us out, and they have that awesome puppy breath! They’re growing. and growing. and growing. Piper and Landry have given us really plump, healthy looking pups. Now that they’re eyes are really wide open and they’re sitting up a bit more due to more strength in their necks, we got some good pictures. Here they are at three weeks old.

Black Australian Labradoodles standard Oregon Salem Portland Beaverton
Puppy Culture Labradoodle therapy dogs Oregon
Puppy Culture Bio Sensor puppies labradoodles
Malbec, boy










Australian Labradoodles Puppy Culture therapy dogs
Australian labradoodle puppies Puppy Culture studs


















March 19, 2018 – The pups have gained a lot of weight in the past three weeks! They now range between two and a half to three pounds. They are still sleeping nearly all the time, but eating a lot too. Today we started seeing the pups starting to want to sit up. Honestly, they seem a little lazy and they have to put forth little effort for mama to immediately care for every need. They’re strong and we expect that they’ll begin walking around this week and beginning to play. We took some pictures of them sleeping today, and we’ll get some individual pictures posted soon. We’re hoping to get some pictures of them sitting straight up, and maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Three weeks old and super plump. 🙂

Chocolate standard labradoodle puppies Oregon

standard cream labradoodle puppies Oregon
Closeup of Syrah sleeping.


















March 12, 2018 – It’s been two weeks and the puppies are growing up. Their eyes opened this week! Their pigmentation (look at their noses!) turned black and they are becoming more alert, starting to gain strength to hold their heads up and our crawling a little more. We’re still keeping the guard rail in their pen to ensure that mama Piper doesn’t accidentally lay on them. But they’re definitely big enough and strong enough that we feel confident that they are safe without our continually watching and checking. Mama is doing a great job! We set Riley’s pen right next to Piper’s pen in a bedroom now converted to “Puppy Nursery.” Riley and Piper are especially fond of each other, so sharing the room and space together is ideal for both of them. We’re working daily on the Bio-Sensor program, giving the puppies massage time each day and they’re becoming comfortable with baths.They are regularly gaining weight!  Almost daily we need to check their collars and loosen them from their chubby necks. (A good thing.)  Here they are at two weeks old.

They stay close together in a pile.
It’s common for Doodles to sleep on their backs. But funny to see this at two weeks! Merlot is all Doodle.
Labradoodle puppies Salem Portland Oregon
Merlot enjoys sleeping on her back.












Australian Labradoodle puppies
Australian labradoodle puppies black standard
Malbec, our boy









black labradoodle puppies Oregon Washington Portland Beaverton standard






















March 5, 2018 – One week old, gaining weight and looking really healthy! We’re always excited when we hit the one week mark and all of the pups are thriving and mama hasn’t laid on a pup and hurt them inadvertently (a real risk, more with the larger mamas!). Piper is doing well, and has settled into loving her puppies. Their pigmentation is starting to darken (pink noses turn black or dark brown) and we seem them trying to open their eyes slightly (it will be several days yet though for that). We started the Bio-Sensor program a few days ago and also are taking time each day to massage and hold the pups to get them used to human touch. They are liking it! Mama still watches us closely and doesn’t like us taking the pups out of the pen and out of her sight. But we did take some individual pictures today!  Here they are at one week old – the fruit of our valley vineyard!  Cabernet, Syrah, Melot, Chardonnay and Malbec.

black Australian Labradoodles Oregon Seattle Vancouver
Cabernet, girl
Labradoodle puppies available summer black Oregon
Chardonnay, girl
Oregon Labradoodle breeders black standard summer
Malbec, boy









Australian Labradoodle puppies black, chocolate cream standard medium
Merlot, girl
Vancouver Seattle Portland Labradoodle puppies summer
Syrah, girl










And to give you some perspective of size, here they are in their pen. They are little work (for us!) at this point, as all they do is sleep and nurse. Mama is busy though. Our work really starts at around three weeks old. We don’t put any bedding in there at this young age because they can get caught up in it or buried under it and mama could lay on them. Without bedding, they can easily slide around, unhindered, to get to mama.

Here they are in their pen under their heat lamp. We’ve converted a bedroom into a puppy nursery.
Hard to believe they will outgrow this pen in a few weeks and need to be moved. The guard rail around the pen is keeping them safe from mama laying on them and being crushed in a corner.



















February 27, 2018 – We’re happy to announce that Piper’s puppies arrived late last night and Piper is doing well, and the pups are all nursing and being cared for by mama. The last pup arrived shortly after midnight. All is well! The litter was a little smaller than the ultra sound seemed to reveal but we are thankful for an easy delivery and healthy thriving pups! We have four girls and one boy. The pups look beautiful with red coats and nice shaped heads. Some of the pups may lighten to apricot and the following days and weeks will reveal more. Piper is being a good mama, super attentive and not leaving their side. She’s being careful not to sit or step on them (so important when they’re this small!).  We thought it fitting to finally theme a litter based on wine to match our name. So, we’re excited to have this beautiful litter of wines join our family, and soon, join the families of some that have been waiting a very long time for them!

Here they are: Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and Malbec (boy).  Individual pictures will be posted of them once they’re a week old and mama is ready to let us take them away briefly for pictures.

Shortly after midnight, all pups are here and mama is happy with them under the heat lamp.
Mama and pups start off in a small kiddie pool. Easiest for cleanup.