Hazel and Barkley’s pups are here

April 7, 2021 – Hazel and Barkley’s puppies arrived on March 31 and we have eleven (wow) healthy, thriving pups!  They are one week old today.  It’s actually been a quiet, uneventful week here as we watch Hazel take such good care of her babies.  We are rotating the pups regularly to make sure all are getting their fair share of food (this is a must when a big litter like this arrives).  We weigh the pups three times a day and they are all are gaining weight nicely.  We started the pups on the bio-sensor steps a couple of days ago to begin the first phase of conditioning them neurologically and physically. It’s amazing the difference these steps make! We are also massaging them daily as mama is finally comfortable with us handling them more.  Touch is our only way to connect with them at this young age and early human touch is very important.  Here are some pictures we took of the pups this week.  Watch for updates on this blog spot weekly to see them grow!

Here they are as newly born pups. Only hours old.
Only hours old. They have to take turns to eat and they all scramble to stay close to mama.











At one week old, we finally felt safe adding bedding. We don’t like to add bedding at first because young pups can’t get wrapped in it or accidentally crushed. The black rail is there to keep mama from laying back on her pups.
They take turns nursing and mama hates to leave their side.
They will sleep in piles for the next several weeks.
Here at one week old, the only change we see is their weight. Eyes won’t open for another week or so. Hearing will come at about three weeks old.