About our Labradoodle puppies


female red collar 5.5 wks closeup
Five and a half weeks old, hair starting to fill in and getting cuter every day.
bodee cropped 2
We sell only genuine Australian Labradoodles that have been taught how to love. 🙂

We’re a family-owned breeder of genuine Australian Labradoodles. We own two girls that produce puppies once or twice per year and that allows us to ensure the best care and quality with every puppy we sell.

Our two girls are different sizes and colors, so that allows us to produce small, medium and standard (50-60 lb.) dogs.

All are genuine Australian Labradoodles with pedigree lines going back to Australia and are matched with only the healthiest studs with the best coat, health, temperament and pedigree.

When the pups are born, it’s a family event, and we all get in on the holding, the attention, and the love.

We stand behind every puppy we sell and want the experience to be great for everyone. We really try to do our best, so that our pups and their families can have the best life together.

Bodee on chair 7 wks 1
Haley’s male pup at 7 weeks old.

We take our pups on car rides, give them regular baths and keep them close to us where we are. Just being right with us (not in a garage), naturally they are picked up regularly and getting lots of time with us.

Daily they’re introduced to activities and sounds of family life. We also do the Bio Sensor program with each pup in their earliest days to give them an even greater advantage toward success in their new homes.

With a soft, silky fleece coat, and a great temperament, these non-shedding pups make a great addition to a loving family.

One of Haley's pups before going home to Washington.
One of Haley’s pups before going home to Washington.


puppy pen 5.5 weeks old
At 5.5 weeks, we’re starting the potty training process. Look how clean we are keeping our puppy pen! Everyone is using the litter box now. We’re eating real puppy food, taking baths, not playing rough, hanging out with lots of people, sleeping without our mama without crying, and we’re going on car rides. Our puppy pen is right in the family room so we stay close to everybody. We are very happy!

Each puppy is loved individually and we know this is important, as studies show that the earliest days of a pups life is vital in his long-term temperament and health.

male lighter one 5.5 wks w john 4
Young male before their curls come in.

To learn more about us, see other posts on this site. Check us out on Facebook. Or call us at 503-784-3870, because we’d love to answer any questions you have. You can email us too at Heisl316@comcast.net

red collar girl 7 wks 2
This girl is “Penny” and came from our Haley’s first litter. She’s with her forever family now.
female 5.5 weeks in pen red collar 2
Five weeks old. “I get so much love that these people seem crazy. How are they going to let me go?”
Haley with her BFF.

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