Emery, our loving standard has retired

Oregon Australian Labradoodle breeder
Emery is happy and LOVES to snuggle.

Emery was a great mama for us and brought us beautiful puppies, and now it’s time for her to just be a dog, and live out her life with her loving guardian family.  We’ll continue to see Emery often!  Thank you Emery, we love you.  …..

Emery has been a great mama for us and she will retire after her final litter this summer.

Emery, was born out of our beautiful Molly and a stud from Orchard View Labradoodles in Washington. We’re proud of Emery and her wonderful temperament as a smart, loyal and extremely affectionate, genuine multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. After passing all of her extensive testing to be qualified to breed, she has has produced 3 litters for us with one final litter expected to arrive in December 2019. She will be mated with our sire, Gunner, to bring us red, black and caramel puppies.

We can honestly say, you will not find a dog more loving than Emery, or one with a softer coat. She lives in a guardian home with our friends and she is loved by all of us (including their family cat, we think)!


Australian Labradoodle Puppy Breeder Oregon Washington
Name:Valley Vineyard’s Emery
ALAA Registration Number:  ALAA-041046
HEALTH TESTINGEyes Certified CERF clear, OFA Fair, DNA Profile complete, PRA cleared by parentage
Date Of Birth:Feb 01, 2015
Sire:Orchard View’s Deacon of Bedrock
Dam:Valley Vineyard’s Molly
Breed:Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size:22 inches, 50 lbs., Standard size
Coat:fleece, non-shedding