Lucy, our new mini mama

Lucy is one of our smallest mamas and we are excited that she and her sister Abby have just passed their extensive health testing and are now qualified to be added to our breeding program for 2020!  Lucy comes from our great line of therapy dogs and she will bring us beautiful red and apricot puppies in the 20-30 lb. range with her same non-shedding, wavy coat.  Lucy lives with her loving guardian family and loves going with them to sporting events, the beach, the park, hiking and is an easy companion that loves to ride along in the car for errands or just sit and snuggle to a movie. She loves her humans and we know they love her too! Regularly, we get messages from her guardian family telling us how much they love her. She’s a great companion to the whole family! Not sure who loves her most, but she thrives on just being close to all of them.

Lucy in her younger days, with a new haircut. 🙂

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Variety: Multigen Australian Labradoodle, ALAA-076791 (pending)
DOB:     January 16, 2019
Sire:      Starlight Ridge’s Gunner
Dam:     Valley Vineyard’s Ruby
Coat:     Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)
Color:    Red/Apricot
Size:      Approx. 20 pounds, 15″ tall at the shoulder
Health Clearances:  Hips-pennhip .46, Elbows-OFA good, CERF-normal, PRA clear via parentage, vWD Clear, DNA Profiling complete, IC clear, Disease panel including Degenerative Myelopathy and EIC: All Clear.

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Because they don’t shed, and they’re so easy going, it’s easy to take them everywhere. And Lucy loves that!