It’s a great life in Oregon, raising labradoodle puppies!

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March 30, 2015 – We said good-bye to lots of puppies this weekend and we are getting great reports from their new families! Last night, the pups that are left here with us slept nearly 8 hours in their crate without an accident.  !!!!! We celebrate each hurdle of accomplishment in training these babies.  🙂

Black and chocolate labradoodle puppies in Oregon are available in Washington too.
Little Luna, we are kind of happy she’s still here. We know she’ll be gone before we know it!

March 25, 2015 – We are crate training this week and it’s going well so far. It gets a little whiney and loud here at times, but we want them to be somewhat adjusted to crates and new surroundings before they get to their new homes. Lots of adjustments coming their way and we are working hard to ready them! They all had shots, deworming again, and neuter and spays last week. Too busy to blog! 🙂  Nails were trimmed and they are getting very busy and active at this point.

March 14, 2015 – Snuggled pups until almost midnight last night. Ahhhhh. Baths today, second deworming done and missing the sunshine. Pups weren’t too interested in playing outside today. Brrrr. Wrestling and playing in their pens will have to do.

March 9, 2015 – A sunny warm day and we got the pups outside into the play yard we set up for them today. They had a lot of fun! And we really enjoyed watching them romp. Five weeks old now.

Labradoodle puppies in Oregon available now.

Australian labradoodle puppies, large standard size in chocolate and black colors in Oregon.

Valley Vineyard Labradoodles, five weeks old cream standard male.












March 4, 2015 – Got the puppies outside into the sun today, just for little bit.

Black standard Australian labradoodle puppies in Oregon and Washington.
“Granger,” four weeks old.

Black labradoodle puppies available in Washington and in Oregon.

Labradoodle puppies in black and brown and cream colors in Oregon.








March 3, 2015 – Puppies are using the litter box inside their pens pretty regularly now. As they grow, we’ll begin giving them outside time to start them on basic potty training to begin a foundation for potty training at home with their families. Here are some pictures we took of Haley’s pups. . .

Standard size labradoodle puppies in black and cream.
Standard size labradoodle puppies in black and cream.
Standard size labradoodle puppies in black and cream.










Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale from small Oregon breeder.












March 2, 2015 – Lots happening here. Puppies started a little kibble today and are getting more curls and ridiculously cute. It’s a wonder how we get anything done around here. For example, today was “photo shoot day” to update the pictures of the pups and it should have been a 15 minute event. One thing led to another, with 3 of us fighting over the camera, and 3 hours later…..

Labradoodle puppies available in Washington and Oregon.
I spiked Neville’s hair. I like it.
labradoodle puppies available in Oregon.
Harry is the smallest little guy, mostly because he’s so laid back he really could eat or not eat, or sleep and eat later. Maybe. “Oh, I think I’ll come over and say, hi and miss another meal.” Look at those eyes!

Chocolate and cream labradoodle puppies in Oregon and Washington available now.

We took at least 100 pictures and put some on Facebook. This is so fun. We want to remember each of them and the pictures are great to look back on.

I think we get just a little too attached, leaving me crying in the produce aisle at Winco the day they leave (yes, that happened.) So embarrassing.


Cream Australian Labradoodle puppy, Oregon breeder.

Brown or chocolate labradoodle puppy in Washington and Oregon.



February 24, 2015 – Busy week with feeding nursing mamas – every two hours they were pacing and asking for food! They’re on a special diet, no kibble for them right now because they need the best. Chicken breasts, rice, carrots, tuna, yogurt, etc. – preparing foods to keep them well nourished for their puppies and to help maintain their weight, health and coat while they take such good care of their young pups. Takes extra time, but it’s important.  Puppies are more engaging with us now; more playful and interactive. They will bark a bit back at us when we make eye contact and play with them. They are active and wrestling. They love being held and we love holding them (of course.)

Labadoodle puppies in Oregon, small breeder has standard puppies available.
Haley’s puppy, “Mocha.”


Brown chocolate labradoodle puppies in standard size in Oregon.
Molly’s puppy, “Neville.”










February 22, 2015 – The puppies started standing, and even walking a bit this weekend. Here are a couple of pictures we took while enjoying our snuggle time with them. (Holding them is our favorite part of the job!)

Labradoodle puppy breeder in Oregon with pups available.
Haley’s pup – 3 weeks old.

Labradoodle puppies in chocolate and black in Oregon.








February 18, 2015 – The pups are starting to wrestle and play with each other today. Fun to watch. They are starting to walk a little more and bond more with us and each other. 🙂

Standard Australian labradoodle puppies in black in Oregon.
We call him “Harry.” Naming them all helps us to know and keep track of each of them. Just over two weeks old.











February 16, 2015 – In the past 24 hours, all the pups have started opening their eyes. We are excited as we feel like we’re really meeting them for the first time! They look into our faces as if to study us. The chocolate pups have blue eyes at this point. They are groggy and so sleepy all the time, but it’s fun to see them a little more alert. They love to be held and sleep soundly in our laps. When they cry, they stop fussing instantly when we pick them up. They know us. 🙂

Cream Australian Labradoodle puppy available in Oregon.
Molly’s cream boy. Check out his cute feet.
Labradoodle puppies available in Oregon.
Haley’s “Cocoa” and “Chai”, eyes opening.
Small breeder in Oregon has labradoodle puppies available.

February 12, 2015 – This is what’s happening at our house today:

We have standard labradoodle puppies available in Oregon.
Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Eat. Sleep some more.








February 9, 2015 – Pups are thriving. Baths today, new ribbons, and a photo shoot with Molly’s pups. They are growing fast! Standard labradoodle puppies in black in Oregon.

February 6, 2015 – Pups are sleeping in longer stretches, getting lots stronger and mama Molly learning not to sit on them! Thankful. This morning, we enjoyed our coffee while snuggling pups. I love this business of raising puppies! These are the special moments. Standard Australian labradoodle puppies in Oregon, chocolate and black.

February 4, 2015 – We’re all sleeping a bit more and falling into regular routines. Taking shifts to monitor puppies and staying close by at all times. Have to make sure mamas don’t sit on their pups (they do this, thinking they’re protecting them or they roll on them by accident) and it can be deadly. Late night feedings (of nursing moms), filling water bowls (again) at midnight and late night potty breaks. We wonder, how do they do it in the wild without all our help? The answer, my friend says, “In the wild, a lot of animals die.” All our pups, and the moms, at our house are thriving.  🙂

Standard labradoodle puppies in Oregon.
Molly’s two cream / caramel boys, 3 days old.

February 1, 2015 – Super Bowl Sunday, half-time, to be exact, Haley started labor. Trying to watch Katy Perry, but much more focused on our own, much better, half-time show, Haley delivered 5 beautiful puppies with all the right white markings. All reddish and apricot in color, 3 males and two females. All healthy and thriving!  Ahhhhhhhh.  🙂 Australian labradoodle puppies available in Oregon, small family breeder.

Australian Labradoodle puppies in Oregon
Haley’s pups, three days old.

January 31, 2015Molly Jan 2015 litter 1 day oldMolly went into labor in the late morning and delivered her first puppy! Labor continued throughout the day and at around 5:30 pm. she was done. Gave everyone baths, and I sat to rest along side the new family in the family room at around 8:30 pm. Ooops!!  Another puppy was born suddenly (3 hours later!) and a beautiful chocolate male popped out.  Molly, with the help of the awesome stud “Deacon” helped to produce a great litter of 10 thriving puppies. Two females, 8 males:  two creams, 4 black and four chocolate with fleece coats. Thanking God for sleep (for me) and good health of all of these dogs.

January 30, 2015 – Haley had an X-ray done yesterday and our vet is quite sure she is carrying five puppies! We have four reserved, based upon a healthy delivery of all pups, we’ll have one more of her pups available. She’s still hoppin’ around here, happy and energetic. Much different carrying a smaller litter. . . . . Molly, on the other hand . . .  like a beached whale. Lots and lots of sleeping, eating, sleeping some more. No more steps or car rides for her. Not interested in getting in or out or climbing anything.  She was panting a lot last night, so I slept along side her in case she went into labor during the night. No pups came. 7:30 pm. – Still waiting.   🙂 January 24, 2015 – This was taken of Molly and Haley 10 days ago. Their bellies have doubled in size since the picture!

Molly and Haley pregnant                        

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