Testimonials about our Labradoodle puppies

We love keeping in touch with our families long after they leave our home! Here are just some of the notes and messages we receive from the people that have trusted us with their next family member. 

September 2023 – “I just groomed a Valley Vineyards pup. I could tell right away that she was one of yours because she wasn’t scared of the blow dryer. Her feet were not sensitive. She was super calm. She was like a unicorn dog.” – Geneva Fisher, Owner Rockabilly Doodles Grooming

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Rockabilly Grooming












July 2023 – “Lucy is the best puppy! She’s so loyal and smart!!” – Pam Shick

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Lucy came out of Stella’s 2022 litter














July 2023 – “Hi Mary, Have to update you on Oz! He endears himself to everyone! The neighborhood loves him. He graduated from Level 2 dog training last week. He knows come, sit, down, stay, heel (walks like a champ) and no.  Also actually watches TV. He is a love! Great temperament, social, friendly, sweet and gentle. I love him! Thank you” –  Mitzi

Oregon labradoodle breeder reviews
July 2023 – “Mary, David and I picked up Oscar (Logan) three years and two days ago.  Thanks to your training, the 4th of July was a breeze.  I have attached a picture of him cooling off after the neighborhood parade yesterday.  He continues to be the best dog ever.  Everyone knows and loves Oscar.  We couldn’t be happier with him.” – Ginny B
Labradoodle breeder reviews
April 2023 – “Immy is just such a joy, we absolutely adore her. Thank you so much again for raising amazing dogs.” – Jill Pullen
Immy came from Ally and Watson’s litter
April 2023 – “Mary, we cannot thank you enough for Jupiter and all the wonderful work you do with your pups.  Jupiter is great with his crate, and he is well potty trained to go outside quickly and back in when it’s raining.  We found an amazing trainer nearby and Jupiter loved going to his manners class. She believes in Puppy Culture—how lucky we are! All I would say is “Jupiter, time to go to school!”, and he would immediately sit to have me put his harness on to get in the car.  He’s signed up for the Canine Good Citizen Class coming up soon.  The trainer has therapy classes too, so in the future, I’d like to get Jupiter to those classes.  I hope we can also join a new program through OSU, where neurodivergent kids can work with their family dog for regulation. Jupiter is a happy L’doodle who loves his family, people, and other dogs.  He is a living cartoon character with his whimsical personality and prancing gait. Thank you!” – Angela
Jupiter is a black standard size labradoodle from our large mama Gracie.
July 2022 – “Bisbee turned 3 years old last month and continues to be the best dog we could ask for. ” – Dennis H
Bisbee was from Hazel’s 2019 litter
July 2022 – “Hi Mary, Jupiter is such a great puppy!  He settled immediately into our family.  It didn’t take too long for him to be completely comfortable in his crate all night.  On one of the first nights I got up to take him outside to potty, a loud crack like a gunshot went off close by.  Jupiter did not react one bit.  He just kept up his happy go lucky waving of his puppy tail.  Fourth of July was a breeze.  He definitely has the retriever instinct too and he shows the beginnings of knowing how to shake.  He really wants to be with his people.  Jupiter has had a tremendous impact on the boys and their sense of responsibility, I’m really impressed.  Jupiter has already helped Sam on his social skills and how to be demonstrative.  Sam is becoming more of a hugger and he showed how he kisses Jupiter.  Sam has never kissed anyone or anything before in his life. I explain puppy behaviors and human babies and how the pathways in brains are being built as they grow just like Sam’s brain.  I think Sam is understanding, and being more flexible as a result.  Jupiter definitely has confidence, so I hope when he is bigger he can be taught to lay on Sam when he starts to have sensory overload; Sam seeks pressure when this happens to calm himself. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy and all the work you put into him.  It really shows.” – Angela
Jupiter at home. He was adopted to do service work and we love to hear he is helping in so many ways!
July 2022“Hello Mary, Just wanted to share our baby Miles.  He is the best pet ever. Calm and loves to snuggle. He is now 22 pounds. Thank you so much.” Mary Hill
Niles is now “Miles” from Nora and Gunner’s litter.
June 2022“She continues to bring so much joy and laughter! She is such a good little traveler and has become my best cuddle buddy! She is all you told us she would be! Thank you again for all the amazing work you do & for choosing us to be her forever home. We are so blessed!!”

–  Kim and Mike Jones

Gracie was formerly “Jessica” from Janie and Bear’s 2021 litter
June 2022 – “Thank you, Mary! Everything is going great with sweet Remi! She is sleeping thru the night and potty training is going very well. She is beginning to ring the bell to let us know she needs to go out. She sits and shakes with both paws. Such a smart girl!” – Stacie
Remi was formerly “Butterscotch” from Hazel and Barkley’s litter.
June 2022 – “I am thankful everyday for Bentley. He has brought our family so much joy and is so loved.” – Brenda T
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May 2022 – “Hello Mary, I wanted to let you know how well this last week has been with the amazing puppy we adopted from you.  I’m not much into social media but I believe this will be useful to others. Just over a week ago we brought home Ivory, who we renamed Murphy.  The ride home was peaceful and he sat calmly in his carrier.  Upon arriving home I immediately took him to the back yard and let him pick a spot where he did his business.  He adapted quickly to his new family.  My wife and I set up both a crate and a spacious pen inside for our new friend.  We continued crate training and after the second night he sleeps soundly.  We keep the crate door open during the day and he will often retire to the crate himself when he wants to sleep or have some quiet time.  House training is going very well.  It helps that Murphy is very intelligent and wants to please.  Murphy is developing nicely.  When playing or excited he is a furry ball of energy, but calm and laid back when resting.  He is a very personable puppy, always so happy to meet and play with the many friends and neighbors who have been over to see him.  He completely charmed the Vet when I took him for his initial visit.  She could not stop raving over how happily Murphy consented to all aspects of his examination. Murphy’s attitude is great.  He is confident, inquisitive and “almost” fearless.  Mary, your initial training and conditioning clearly show.  And my wife and I are so happy to have brought home one of your puppies. Many Thanks!” – Daniel
Murphy at home.
May 2022 – “Hi Mary, I can’t tell you how much we love our little Yogi (formerly Sam). He is thriving and is smart as can be. Our older dog loves him too. Thank you so much for giving him such a fabulous start. ” – Dana and Steve

Testimonials about our Labradoodle puppies










March 2022 – Hi Mary! Moose has been an absolute joy, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He’s incredibly cuddly, outgoing and smart. We can’t believe he’ll be turning one in just two weeks! He’s rounded out to about 48 lbs (mostly fluff) but still thinks (and tries) to fit in your lap. Our family and friends just adore him, thank you so much for all you do for the pups!” – Sanika

Moose at home.










February 2022 – “Hi Mary, We want to thank you for JoJo. JoJo is so special and wonderful . All of us are in love with her and she is the 5th member of the family. We think she is adjusting well. Except the first night, she sleeps well in her crate at night and is now also getting use to the crate during the day. She is sweet, kind, and intelligent. She is attached to us and we are way more attached to her.” – Sean Salamati

JoJo at home










February 2022 – ” Hi Mary, this is Vargha, Sheldon’s (Ethan’s) dad. He is a smart, kind, and a well-behaving puppy. The best puppy in the whole universe. Thank you – Vargha”

Ethan is from Emma and Barkley’s 2021 litter.













December 2021 – “Hi Mary, We are absolutely in love & smitten with her. She fits so well here. Thank you” – Kim

Maizee came from Sophie’s 2021 Litter. Maizee was “Savannah” from our S Litter











December 2021“Pi came from Winnie and Basil’s 2019 litter. Thanks again for the great work you do. Pi has been a world class companion and is living a fantastic life in Washington. Her exploits can be found on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pithepuppydog       Thanks, Stephen”

November 2021– “Hey Mary, just a quick note. Baylee just finished 3 weeks of training. She did great. She is an awesome dog. She is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever had. Blessings, Spunky”

Baylee came from Bella and Barkley’s 2021 Litter







November 2021“Hi Mary, We are still over the moon in love with our Valley Vineyard’s girls (Piper 2, Ondi 7 months)! Ondi, previously “Georgi” from Gretel’s Spring 2021 litter. The two pups have really bonded and are always together (so cute).  Again, thank you for making such amazing puppies!” – Ashley & family

Ondi and Piper











Sept 2021 – “Winnie is doing great. Such a loving companion. She follows me everywhere and is so smart. Best dog I’ve ever had!” – Bobbi Jo

Rachael is now Winnie Bell and came from Riley and Gunner’s 2020 litter











September 2021 – “Hello Mary! We just wanted to give you a quick update on Bella (Jenna). She is very social, instant friends with any human, wants to play with every dog, still wants to chase our cat but they coexist ok, and such an affectionate girl. She is very trainable. She has sit, stay, shake, up, down, and come down pat. She struggles with the potty bell button on our door but we are getting close. She sleeps in her crate and spends alone time in a 10×10 pen in our house. But she mostly goes with me everywhere. She loves our daily exercise walk and she is getting better at walking alongside instead of pulling. We love her so much! She has been the perfect first dog for our family. Thanks again for everything you added to our family!” – Danny Zimmerman

Bella is from Janie and Bear’s 2021 litter












July 2021 – “Update on Emmit! He is doing amazing & is such a sweet boy! His sassy personality is coming out. But he such a snuggle bug! He goes everywhere with me. He does great in his crate. And has only had a few accidents & they are mostly my fault for taking too long to bring him out. He knows how to sit & I think he will know how to shake soon too! Such a smarty! He can go up and down my stairs like a champ too!” – Kylie

Emmit is from Emma and Barkley’s 2021 litter









June 2021 –She is just the most perfect pup and my best friend! So smart, playful and sweet. It has been so fun to watch her personality develop over the past few months. She knows so many tricks because my favorite thing to do with her is train. She knows: sit, stay, touch, shake, down, play dead, place, spin, heel, weave, back, come, settle, crawl, high five, fetch and more! We are currently working on leash manners, recall with distractions and sit pretty. I have attached some recent photos of her as well. She’s about 28 pounds! You can follow along with her life if you’d like @mini.bindi on Instagram.  Thanks for everything you did to bring this perfect pup into my life!” – Alicia Steve

Bindi was “Renee” from Riley and Gunner’s 2020 litter



June 2021 – “Again, we are so grateful for all the conditioning work you do, for getting us off to such a great start (several friends have commented that they’ve never seen such an easy puppy!), and for entrusting us with what we know is going to be a great dog & a perfect addition to our family!??” – Kim & Mike





June 2021“Hi, Mary! Well, we’ve been home almost 24 hours now, and what a day it has been! Gracie (Jessica) has been such a joy, and has exceeded my every hope! She did amazing in the car on the 5 hour ride, even letting us know when she needed to potty! I was shocked! Spent some time exploring and sniffing out the couple rooms we will be spending most of our time in, exploring the grass outside in her potty spot, played a bit, ate a little bit of dinner…with all the excitement of the day, we were ALL ready for bed earlier than usual. When it was time, we put her in her crate in our bedroom, she fussed for less than 5 minutes, settled in & slept through the night!! Again, such a surprise! THANK YOU for all the work and training you’ve put in to your puppies! It most definitely shows! Making life and this transition so much easier for us all! She has really settled in, especially this afternoon, learning where her food and water bowls are, finding a couple favorite spots under a chair and the coffee table, and rolling over for us to rub her belly! She is such a love and we are already so head-over-heels in love with her! ???”  – Kim Jones

Gracie was formerly “Jessica” from Janie and Bear’s litter



June 2021 – “Oh Mary, Walter is everything we hoped for and more! He’s doing so well! He loves sticks and is an expert paddle boarder.” – Charissa





Kylie happily lives with the Conover family, she came from Janie and Bear’s 2021 litter.

June 2021 – “Kylie is absolutely amazing. I have never had such a loving dog.” – Amy Conover












June 2021 – “Hi Mary, Ben and I wanted to give you an update. This beautiful girl (white collar from Hazel) is settling in very well in her new home! We love her to pieces, and have enjoyed each and every day of loving her. Even Moose is so happy to have a puppy around again and is settling into her being home. ? we chose the name Gracie for her. She is sleeping through the night already, and does so amazing with crate time!” – Ben and Mary 

“Heidi” is now Gracie, and is from Hazel’s and Barkley’s 2021 litter






June 2021“Hi Mary, we wanted to share a little update on Holly, who is now Ruby! She’s doing so well! She loves taking naps in her crate and we can tell that the early crate experience set her up for success at home. She’s understanding that she goes potty outside and she’s already showing awareness of her new name! Overall, she’s such a sweet and good natured puppy, with just enough feistiness to keep us on our toes 🙂 Thank you for everything you did early on to set such a strong foundation! Thanks again” – Valerie and Eli

Ruby is from Hazel and Barkley’s litter













May 2022 – “Hi Mary, I can’t tell you how much we love our little Yogi (formerly Sam). He is thriving and is smart as can be. Our older dog loves him too. Thank you so much for giving him such a fabulous start.” –  Dana and Steve Dennis

Yogi was formerly “Sam” from Stella and Watson’s litter












May 2021  – “Bonnie is fabulous.  She loves her new home.  Ted and I are sitting in the shade (she does not like the sun) and Bonnie is the center of our world right now.  She loves Ted (who is learning how to “puppy”).  So funny he talks to her in full sentences.  She slept 8-hours straight in her lovely, large left-side crate in our closet.  All the evidence of your great work is showing. We 3 are in heaven!  Thank you.” -Ted & Rae Matthews

Gemma/Bonnie is from Gretel and Gunner’s 2021 litter






May 2021“Hi Mary. Rosie, FKA Hazelnut, is now almost four and we want you to know that she has the sweetest disposition and is the nicest and most delightful and loving dog that we have ever had. She is a joy  to all who know her!  All the best, Russ Fairbanks”







April 2021 – “Day two, just wanted to let you know that Zoe is doing great! She is so curious an bravMay 2021 – “e! And is sleeping through the night and doing great. She already rings the bells to go out and sits on command.” – Vanessa

Zoe was “Patty” from Piper and Bear’s 2021 litter











April 2021 – “Murph is amazing!! He’s such a part of our family and so loved that we are tempted to get him a brother or sister.  🙂 Thank you!”

Murphy was “Packer” from Gracie’s 2020 NFL Litter.










March 2021” Hi Mary! Just wanted to let you know Winnie Belle , (Rachael) and is such a sweetheart! She is so smart and cuddly! She is growing fast and I love her so much! She is all we wanted and more! Everyone comments how well behaved she is!”

Rachael is now Winnie Bell and came from Riley and Gunner’s 2020 litter












March 2021 – “Oscar is a wonderful dog.  He loves everyone – human and canine.  We go for several long walks a day.  He has a lot of friends in the neighborhood.  We have had people stop their cars to tell us how beautiful he is.   We have forty acres near Lyons.  We have been taking him there on nice days, often twice a week.  It is pure joy to watch him run and bound and chase the scent of deer.  Oscar is very affectionate – he spends much of his time on David’s lap.  We are very appreciative of the time and effort you put into his first two months.” – Ginny

Oscar is from Lizzy’s 2020 litter.








February 2021 – “Quim is the most wonderful companion ever!  Sweet, super smart, gentle, always attentive and loves with her whole being.  Including major hugs with both paws.  A lap dog for sure or at least as close as she can get.  She is patient and exuberant when friends & family stop by.  She sniffs past the Covid masks knowingly, aware.  Barks at the window (favorite cat-bird seat) at the strangers but not the mail person or neighbors.  She is the love of my life and I feel so very blessed to be in her life. As the saying goes:  I aspire to be the person my dog thinks I am. I thank you Mary.” – Rosalie











January 2021“We absolutely adore her. She is smart and sweet, good with both people and other dogs. She is also very patient with our kids. Thank you so much!” –  Iris

Formerly “Nectar” was from Bella and Gunner’s Bumble Bee litter.


January 2021 – I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy (and your new year is off to a great start!).  We are still so head-over-paws in love with our Valley Vineyards Doodle, Piper – she truly is the most amazing dog ever (in our unbiased opinion ;).  We are so hooked that we would like to add a sibling for her! I recently submitted the online application;  realizing you have quite a waitlist.  We would greatly appreciate being added to your wait / notification list for future litters  – we are willing to wait, as we would only consider a pup from Valley Vineyards  Thank you!”-  Ashley
Piper, all grown up










January 2021  – “Mary, I hope this new year is treating you and your family and your doggies well! I wanted to show off what our Seamus looks like now. He is the most incredible pup- everyone comments on him whenever we are out.  His temperament and intelligence match his good looks and floofy tail.” – Karen

Seamus, 8 mos old, is a standard size pup out of our Barkley











December 2020 – “Hi Mary! Thought you’d like a Walter (Tyler) update. He’s really the best dog ever! He loves people, dogs, and being outdoors! I think he’d even make a good bird dog if we were into that! He’s over 36lbs now and seems to be getting taller by the day.”  – Charissa H

Walter was “Tyler”
from Taylor and Barkley’s 2020 Litter










November 2020 – “Hi Mary, hope you and your family are well, just wanted to send you a happy update and let you know Maple now Lilo is doing very well, she rings the bell to go out and sleeps till 8:30am I’m the morning in her crate. She is 100% lap dog and always wants to be in a lap. She is the most affectionate dog! We all love her, thank you. Here are some pics you can follow her on Instagram @lilo.the.encouraging.doodle” – Vickie Jo

Lilo was formerly “Maple” from Lilly and Gunner’s autumn litter.







November 2020 – “Luna is fantastic! We can’t imagine not having her as part of our family.” – Jared

Luna was formerly “Gretchen” from Gretel and Barkley’s G litter.









October 2020“Hi Mary! I’m sending you our family photo! We just love our little guy so much! We have named him Oakley (previously Cider). Oakley did great his first night he slept all night in his crate. He had a little harder time yesterday and cried and was up a couple times overnight but we think his tummy was feeling off. Today he is doing great! We are working on house training with a bell, “sit”, crate time with no crying, leash walking and redirecting with the puppy mouthing/biting/chewing. He is such a love and really enjoys to snuggle in our laps and give lots of cuddles. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done with him! We are trying our best to continue the beautiful work you have started with creating a routine and learning each day.”

– Kristin and Josh Bennett

Cider is now “Oakley” and he’s doing great with his new, forever family.








September 2020 “I thought I’d let you know Nora did amazing on her first night in the crate! When it was time for bed last night I opened up the crate, and put her in front of it to check it out and she just walked right in and fell asleep 🙂 she’s loving going under everything, has a new favorite toy Mr. Skeleton, and made a new best friend called herself in the mirror?? She’s just so wonderful Mary, and we’re so happy to have her! Thank you.” – Anna

Kristy came out of Katie and Barkley’s litter, now named “Nora.”









September 2020 – “Dear Mary, I’m writing to share pictures and a message about Cooper. It is his first birthday today. We both enjoy him so very much. He has a fantastic personality. There isn’t a day that goes by without us laughing at something he’s done. He follows us everywhere. It’s so cute. He’s smart. He doesn’t need a lot of training. People stop us all the time remarking how beautiful he is. He lets us love on him for a long time. He even squeezes next to me on my chair to cuddle. It’s everything we were hoping for. He loves playing in our yard and and going for walks. I have given your name out to many people. There are three labradoodles on our street and all of them love Cooper. They love their dogs but want one from you when the time comes. We appreciate the countless hours you put into these amazing dogs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I’m sending some pictures of our love. He weighs 28.6 pounds. Many thanks!” – Barbara and Gabe Acee

Cooper was “Fudge” from Annie Ruby’s desert litter.
Cooper looks a lot like his sire, Gunner. 🙂











August 2020 – “Thanks for all the

tips Mary! Parker is continuing to adjust well, I think he is starting to get used to his new pack ?. He is the best sleeper in his crate the entire night without a peep, and already knows to sit by the slider door when he needs to potty or when he wants to go play on the deck. Has only had a couple of accidents inside but seems like he already knows his potty spot. He is very playful but also settles down nicely. Here are a couple of pictures for you!” – Vickie J.

Parker is from Piper and Gunner’s P Litter.
August 2020 – “We are in love. Thought you’d like a quick update. Tyler has been deemed ‘Walter’ by my son. We all adore him. He is the perfect puppy. He’s a crate champ…  willingly goes in it and doesn’t even cry. He sleeps through the night, knows to potty outside, and even uses the bell to ask! I’ve never had it so easy with a puppy! Yesterday he learned how to go down the stairs and now is running up and down for fun. He’s got such a great personality and he’s extremely smart.”     – Charissa H
Walter was “Tyler” and just left us from Ellie Taylor and Barkley’s litter











August 2020 – “Good morning Mary! Polly did very well during her first night at the Sterkel casa! Tim and I fell in love the minute we saw her! I turned classical music on and out her in crate…. a few cries later and she was asleep! Thank you for the gift of Polly ! I can promise you she’ll be loved beyond measure??

Polly was “Tori” from Taylor and Barkley’s T LItter









August 2020 – “Honey, now Rya, is just the most amazing puppy. We didn’t know puppies could be like this! She is so mellow, loving, sweet, and well-adjusted. She fits right in with our family. It turns out she fills a dog-sized hole we didn’t even know was there! Our household was already pretty full and we put a lot of thought into adding a dog to the family. We’re just SO glad we did, and we feel lucky to have this particular puppy. The cats think she is the ugliest kitten they’ve ever seen, but they’re getting along just fine with her. Rya is happy to go into her crate at night, sleeps all night, and wakes me just by shuffling around in the morning, no whining at all! We’ve continued with the classical music at nap and bedtime. I’m so glad you put the work into crate training. It’s a great thing, but I know it would have been really difficult for me to do.  And it does so much to ease the transition, I think. Thank you for all the extra work you put into raising your puppies. We couldn’t be more pleased.” – Katrina and family

Rya was “Honey” from Bella and Gunner’s Bumble Bee Litter.











July 2020 – “We just wanted to send an update on Scout (formerly Hefty from Gunner and Hazel’s litter, who is truly living up to his name and growing bigger every day!) He had his first beach trip a few weeks ago and loved it!  We love him so incredibly much and can not thank you again for raising such wonderful pups. He has brought us so much joy and we can’t believe he’s already 6 months old.” – Shannon & Greg

Scout and his “mom” 🙂






July 2020“Hello Mary, Our little Seamus has warmed up to everyone in the house and he’s quite the best boy. He has been learning to be independent and has been happily hanging in his kennel. I’ve been taking him out in the car and he loves riding in his little car seat. We figure the more active experiences he has at this point is important and so far he’s had fun digging in the sand at the beach, hiking ( just a short hike ) in the cool forest, fetching balls and toys, learning to sit and come. Such the obedient little guy. Thanks for all your advice – we just love this little puppy.” – Karen

Seamus was “Bumble” from Bella and Gunners Bumble Bee litter.


July 2020 – “Hi Mary! Just wanted to give you an update on Robbie. We are grateful to you every day! We have so many people asking about Robbie’s breeder because of his good looks and fun personality. Here’s a photo of the big boy – now a little over 6 mo (and 43 lbs!)”  – Jackie J
Robbie was “Humble” from Hazel and Gunners 2020 H Litter.











July 2020“Mary, We are in love!  Oscar is wonderful beyond our wildest expectations. He was a love on the way home, occasionally dozing off.  He has totally bonded with us, always at our side, and never seemed to be missing his littermates. He explored the house and yard last night and met David’s secretary and some neighbors in the yard.  He went in his crate about 10:00 last night, cried for less than five minutes, and slept straight through until we got up about 5:30. He is doing good at potty training and great at manding.  He met some other neighbors and their 5 and 7 year old sons in our yard this afternoon and did great with the kids.  Right now he is oblivious to all the fireworks. He loves the grass, rolling and stretching in it and biting at it.  He also loves to bite at leaves and burrow in flowers. The attached pictures aren’t great, he moves around a lot, but they will give you a idea of his first day in his forever home.  We are thrilled with him and impressed with the fantastic job you did in making him the dog that he is.” – Bennetts

Oscar the day after leaving us. He was “Logan” from Lizzy and Basil’s L Litter.










June 2020“We are so in love with her. We frequently feel gratitude to Valley Vineyard Labradoodles for all you do to support your litters to be secure and well adjusted. Not to mention crate trained and house trained as well!” – Lori B

Hazel was “Hippy” from Hazel and Gunner’s 2020 litter.












June 2020 – “Our sweet girl turned 9 months old this week and has learned so many things. She rings the bell to go potty and… well she would rather just ring it to go play with the ball, but if going potty is necessary, she’ll do that too. She loves to snuggle, go with us in the car, play with the grandkids and grand dog. She’s really good at walking on leash, but when turned loose in the backyard, it’s zoomies all around. We couldn’t love her more.” – C Kaiser

Cora was born out of Annie Ruby and Gunner’s 2019 litter











June 2020“We just want to say hello and hope this finds you and yours all well and happy …Nelson (J litter) is doing so well … just a terrific addition … such a love … So smart and eager .. just wonderful. Thought you would like to know that things are going very well here and totally exceeding expectations …such fun ?” – Mary and Tom Hadley

Nelson at 6 months old, came from Janie and Gunner’s J Litter.












June 2020 – “Hi Mary, We absolutely love Mookie and he has been a blessing to us which with current events has only been made more apparent. He is probably the happiest dog I have ever met! Sending a Mookie photo as a little cheer up.”  – Patrick

Mookie was “Tillamook” from Lizzy’s 2019 Oregon Cities Litter










June 2020 – “Hi Mary!! Wanted to let you know that we renamed Bronco to Otto and we love him dearly. He’s grown so much since we picked him up 5wks ago – almost 20lbs!  He’s doing great! We enrolled him in Puppy Kindergarten for the month and they said he is “really smart,” is way ahead of the other puppies and will go far in the training. We are really happy! If you plan for Gracie to have another litter, please let us know. We love his color and demeanor and are really looking forward to having him around for a long time as part of our family.Thank you.” – lis

Bronco is now “Otto” from Gracie’s NFL Litter.









May 2020 – “Hi Mary, I wanted to send an update of Copper (formerly courage of Gracie & Basil’s litter born 5/14/19).  My girls love just hugging him and petting him which he completely tolerates. In fact, he doesn’t care if we touch any part of his body, within reason. I know it’s because of the early desensitization you completed with him within days of him being born. He loves playing fetch and tug.  Beyond the basic commands which he has down completely, we’ve taught him “sit pretty” and to jump through a hula hoop!  Copper is so smart and loving and we love him so much.  His recall when at a dog park isn’t great, but we’re working on that.  Copper loves going on our boat and is now more confident sliding into the water off the swim deck- he loves the water so much!  The one of him with the blue ring is actually this morning.  This was his birthday present and he carried it around like this for a bit 🙂 Thank you Mary” Jennifer Cockrell

Copper from Gracie’s 2019 litter











May 2020“Good morning Mary! Had Coco out kayaking the Siletz last week. Wonderful dog! Loving and much loved. Loves the birds, the seal and anything to do with water. Good swimmer and surf “smart! Thought you might enjoy seeing one of yours in action! Thank you for a wonderful companion!” –  John

Coco was formerly “Wanda” from Winnie and Basil’s 2019 litter.













May 2020 – “Milo has brought us so much joy and has become our favorite housemate! He is so sweet and cuddly, funny, playful and smart. Milo loves the outdoors, enjoys going on walks and playing soccer with me. He loves sticking his head out of the car window with his tongue hanging out during car rides and does well in long car rides and road trips. His favorite past time is sitting on the front porch and he watches the squirrels, waits for people to stop by and give him pets (he’s become popular in our neighborhood), and he gets excited when other dogs walk by. Training Milo has been pretty easy and fun! By the end of the first week of being with us, he had already learned how to tap on the door to go out to potty and we’ve never had any accidents since then. At this point, he is house trained and has learned many commands some of which are turning on and off the kitchen light, closing and opening the front door, “waiting” before crossing the street and my favorite, the “paw pump” (like a fist pump). He plays well with other dogs, loves people and has become best of friends with my friend’s golden lab. Milo has been a wonderful pup and we love him so much! Attached are some photos of Milo’s adventure so far!” – Ashlee Gallardo

Milo was “Huckleberry” from Hazel and Gunner’s 2019 litter.













May 2020 – “Hi Mary, Wanted to let you know how much we are loving Gil, who we’ve now named Ralphie. He has brought so much love and joy to our family! Ralphie is so well adjusted, confident, loving, and playful. He loves meeting new people, exploring, and playing with other puppies. And after just two nights, he now sleeps through the night for 7+ hours which is amazing. I really see the early Puppy Culture work you did in action. He is such a special dog, and I am excited for our journey together. 🙂 Best wishes, Jen Baumgartner and family” 

Gil is now “Ralphie” from Gretel and Barkley’s litter.











May 2020“I hope you and your family (and pups!) are doing well!   We are head over heals in love with our Doodle, Piper (aka “Cashmere”  from the Jan. 3rd 2019, “winter litter”).  She is so healthy, smart, snuggly, and (we think) the cutest puppy ever. Here she is playing dress up with her sister.” Ashley L

Cashmere with her family, now “Piper.”
Piper with a short hair cut, being cooperative with her “sister’s” dress-up time. 🙂












May 2020 -“Hi Mary, Steeler (now known as Charlie) is doing great. He knows his new name, comes and sits happily when we train/play with him and he slept for 9 hours last night. I’m attaching a photo for you. Thanks for everything you did to make him such a great puppy. He will get a lot of love in his new home. Best, Nigel

Steeler, from Gracie’s litter, just got home. Now “Charlie,” 8 weeks old.











April 2020“A BIG THANK YOU! Mary, What an absolute joy! Nelson (Jason) runs to the head of the class. He is demonstrating learned skills and advancing everyday with new ones. He knows outside is the litter box. He is sleeping in his crate with one or no visits outside at night. The perfect addition to our family!  Such a love.” – The Hadleys

Nelson was formerly “Jason” from Clara Jane’s J Litter with our Gunner.









April 2020 – “Casaide says Hi. She has been soooo good. No accidents yet and she has been telling me when she needs to go out. She is so smart. Slept through the night. Her crate was dry in morning. The info you sent with me is so beneficial and appreciated! She was worth the wait. Thank you for her. ” – Patrick Claffey

Casaide was “Jenna” and just left us from Janie and Gunner’s litter












March 2020“Mary,  We got Humble (Robbie now) and he has been an absolute dream. Neither my partner nor I have ever seen a dog this well-behaved. He’s smart, and somehow already knows “come”, “potty”, “stay”, and “drop it”. He’s also extremely playful and loving but settles right down in his crate after only a minute or two of whining. How did you do it??? Endless thanks for the best dog we could have ever hoped for.” – Jackie Jin

black standard labradoodles Oregon Seattle Vancouver Portland
“Humble,” from Hazel and Gunner’s litter is now “Robbie” – our first pup of the year, arrived home.












January 2020“Good morning Mary! Walter (previously Colonel from Janie and Gunners litter) got his “alteration” done yesterday and is doing just fine. I’ve also sent some pictures of Walter and our son. These two are inseparable! Walter is a dream and the perfect fit to our little family. He divides his time playing and snuggling! (He is the best snuggler!!!). We love him so much!!! Thank you for everything Mary! Best wishes- Heather, Devan and Walter”

Best Portland Oregon Labradoodle puppy breeder
Walter is from Clara Jane and Gunner’s 2019 Patriotic Litter.












January 2020 – “Hi Mary! Bodie aka Trooper is doing great!  He has been the star pupil in his obedience classes just like you said he would be – he is a smart and very sweet boy, and we could not love him more than we do! Thanks! – Morgan & Kat”

Portland Labradoodle breeders puppies available
Bodie was “Trooper” from Clara Jane and Gunner’s 2019 litter.











January 2020 – “Hi Mary, Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know Pumpkin (Geneva) continues to be the best! She is loving her world now that she is fully vaccinated and loves going for walks. Here is a picture with her best friend. Thanks, Laurie”

Oregon Australian labradoodles best breeder
“Geneva” was from Gretel and Gunner’s 2019 G Litter.










January 2020 – “He is an absolute dream and we love him so, so much??.  Bronzy and Lena or the very best of friends too, so we feel enormously fortunate that the pairing has been so perfect!  Thank you again, Mary :)”  -Love,  Val

The Northrups came back for a second pup from Valley Vineyard Labradoodles. Lena is happy they made that decision to bring home a buddy.









January 2020 –  Good afternoon! I just wanted to thank you and Valley Vineyard Labradoodles for everything in regards to the process of obtaining my “perfect puppy” and give you an update on how Jessie is doing. She is such a smart, inquisitive, cuddly, independent, silly, sweet pup! She has the best temperament and steals a little piece of our hearts on a daily basis. She gets along so well with our older lab and even the cat. I think they mostly just put up with her shenanigans but you can tell that they love her too!” – Dayna Cross

Oregon best breeder Australian Labradoodles
Jessie is from Ruby and Gunner’s Toy Story litter. Now called, “Bibi.”
Bibi and her new pals.












January 2020 “We just love Leia so darn much.  Everyone who meets Leia seems to want one just like her…Thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our family!!! Sincerely, Shawn”

Oregon Best labradoodles breeder puppies
“Windy” is now Leia and came from Winnie’s 2019 Winter Litter.











January 2020 – “Hi Mary,? We are so happy and my allergic husband can’t even imagine how he ever got along in life before without her. We are even buying a king size bed because he insists on letting her sleep with us, lol. Hope you and your family are well!! Thank you so much, Heather”

Oregon labradoodle breeders
Dakota was “Jammies” from Winnie’s 2019 Winter Litter.











December 2019“Hi Mary- Where do I begin? August (former Hunter) has been such a JOY to our family from the first day he stepped foot into our house. Potty training has been great, crate training pretty good (he doesn’t like it when we leave) and loose leash walking has been great! He loves meeting so many people and dogs and people tell us that August is the cutest dog they have ever seen! Now at 6 months old he will settle when we settle and play when we are ready to play. Our favorite time is when we watch movies on the couch and he snuggles with us. We are still working on him wanting to come into the car with us for car rides (he got car sick when he was a little pup and I think still equates car rides with being sick). Other than that, he is such a joy to our family and we can’t even imagine our lives without him. I have referred you to so many people. Thank you for entrusting us with your pups! Happy New Year!” –  Patricia and Family

Oregon labradoodles
August is clearly loved by his family. 🙂
August, formerly “Hunter” from Hazel and Gunner’s 2019 H Litter.













December 2019 – “Hi Mary! I keep meaning to email you and give you an update on Copper (formerly Courage.) When we brought him home he was so mellow, he had a couple of potty accidents, but for the most part was potty trained. He slept through the night from day one. Copper is almost 7 months old and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. My older daughter, in particular, loves snuggling with him, especially after she’s had a rough day at school or soccer practice. Everywhere we go people comment on how calm and well-behaved he is for a puppy.  Many of them are shocked when I tell them how old he is. They think he’s older because he’s so calm. Anyway, thank you for putting so much love, time and care into each and every puppy. It makes such a huge difference. Have a wonderful holiday season!  P.S. The photo of him in the bathroom is when I’m working from home. He’s a pretty lazy assistant. Sincerely, Jennifer Cockrell”

best Australian Labradoodle therapy puppies Oregon
Courage from Gracie and Basil’s 2019 litter is now “Copper.”










December 2019“Hi Mary, She goes to the office with John every day, the patients love her,  brings her homemade treats and ask for her if they don’t see her. That little dog is adored by many!!” – John and Dee Boshaw

Oregon puppy culture labradoodles
Now called “Zoe,” she was “Magnolia” from Katie and Gunner’s 2018 Botanical Litter.
Zoe goes to work with dad every day.












red Oregon Australian Labradoodles
Red was previously “Bonnie” from Bella and Gunners B Litter.

December 2019“Since the day we brought Red home, she has been the center of all of our attention. She’s a hit wherever we take her, and she loves giving high fives! Every morning she goes to each of our rooms a and wakes us up with a hug and a kiss. She’s learned to ring a bell to go potty, she LOOOOVES playing frisbee and she will sit for just about anyone. She is such a character, we just love her so much. Thank you Mary and Valley Vineyard Labradoodles for our beautiful baby girl.” – Kianna







December 2019 “Hi Mary, Keizer, now called Otis, is a perfect fit for our family. He has just completed his third level of puppy obedience class and will soon begin the adult level classes (skipping the first session, at the instructor’s request because he’s doing so well) and we have the goal of doing therapy work with him in elementary schools (I have a teaching background and have started working part time for a literacy group, so I’d ultimately like to use him to read with kiddos- he’s a natural!). He’s amazing with kids and our own children just adore him. My husband brings him to work a couple of days a week and he loves “office life,” visiting with all of the staff, supervising the front desk, but mostly sitting with my husband’s clients and being petted (Phil says it’s really helpful for his clients while talking about stressful cases!).  Thank you for such an amazing puppy.”

– the Barnhart Family

Red Oregon Labradoodle puppies
Otis was formerly “Keizer” from Lizzy and Basil’s Oregon Cities Litter.










December 2019“Luna is doing great and making everyone happy around her and everyone loves her. I am attaching photos of our beautiful Luna! Have a great holiday season, Naima and the family

Luna came from Lilly and Gunner’s 2019 litter.










December 2019 –  “Rocky is doing great!!! He was indeed the “digger” that you suspected, and he most certainly has a mind of his own. As he’s matured, he’s gotten a lot more freedom recently, so he’s pretty much right by my side for most of the day now. He and I have developed a deep bond. He loves our other dog so much and he’s become such a special member of our family. A real lover, with a big heart. We couldn’t be happier! Happy Holidays and thanks once again for the best gift we received all year! We love him so much!” – Jeff Cummings

Oregon labradoodles
Rocky was formerly “Henry” from Hazel and Gunner’s H Litter.
Rocky at home.











December 2019“This pup goes with us everywhere! He’s so confident and absolutely LOVES meeting new people and new dogs! He was born for adventure.” – Melodee

Labradoodles Oregon Washington Seattle Portland Vancouver
Raso was formerly “Bert” from Katie and Gunner’s Sesame Street Litter.
Raso, just part of the family. 🙂












December 2019 –  “He loves walks and is super smart. We love him so much. He is lovely and gets compliments every time we are out on a walk.” – Laura Harris

Best Washington Australian Labradoodle breeders
Skipper with his new haircut. He was formerly “Truth” from Gracie and Basil’s 2019 litter.












November 2019“Hi Mary! We just wanted to say we are so thankful for our sweet Pumpkin (aka Geneva). Thank you! Happy holidays to your family. A few pictures for you.” – Laurie

best Oregon Labradoodle breeders
Pumpkin was formerly “Geneva” from Gretel and Gunners G Litter.
Geneva is now called “Pumpkin.”












November 2019“Hi Mary, It’s honestly hard to express how thankful we are for sweet Maple. She has become a wonderful part of our family and is an answer to prayer! We had been praying about a puppy for 6 years before we found your site. Maple is very energetic, cuddly, and smart! She bites through toys in about an hour, loves camping, and totally sneaks onto our bed after we fall asleep. I wake up with her smashed between the two of us. Thank you for raising our amazing doodle. We’ve recommended you to multiple people! Thanks again” – Hannah

red Oregon Australian Labradoodles
Maple is a pup formerly called “Becca” from Bella and Gunner’s B Litter.
Oregon Australian Labradoodles
Maple with her forever new family.













November 2019“Hi, Mary,  Bodhi (aka Butterfinger) is the love of our lives: sweet, fun, smart, and a loving companion.”

red Australian Labradoodles Oregon
Bodhi is from Emery and Gunner’s 2018 Candy Litter.











November 2019“Good morning! I wanted to get you a quick update and thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising such a sweet angel! We are getting adjusted nicely and have re-named Jessie. Her new name is Bibi to go better with her big brother Butters. She is sweet, smart, playful, and a little rambunctious when tired. She’s so precious, but I’ve noticed when overtired she is not her best self! We are working on a better routine as to assure that she gets plenty of rest. She is already potty trained! She goes to “her spot” on demand, crates on demand and knows the word come and sit! We are working on stay. She is already making g such a great addition to our family! I just wanted to thank you and get you some photos of her in her new environment. Take care and god bless!”

– Dayna

Oregon best Australian Labradoodle breeders
Jessie, now “Bibi” at ten weeks old, came from Annie Ruby’s Toy Story Litter.












October 2019 – “Hi Mary, I just wanted to reach out with a little update and a BIG thank you! Rosie Grace 🙂 is far and away the best puppy we could’ve asked for. She’s slept through the nights since we brought her home. She already rings the bell by the door to go outside and is pretty much potty trained. Rosie has “puppy wild” time for sure but for the most part is calm and incredibly good natured. You were 100% right when you said we’d be amazed at how easy these pups would be to train — she’s far and away the smartest dog I’ve been around (and she’s only 2 months old). We love her and we thank for you for doing what you do. What a great start you offer these puppies. With all kinds of gratitude, Amanda, Josh, Wren, Willow & Rosie”

Rosie Grace was “Grace” and came from Gretel and Gunner’s G Litter.
Rosie Grace with her new family.













October 2019 – “Just wanted to let you know we absolutely love Stella! She is so calm and smart! She picked up going potty outside right away and had no accidents. She loves her crate when we are around but still whines a little when she’s left alone. 🙂 Thank you for all the work you guys put in and giving us the opportunity to have her as part of our family.” – Adela C.

Stella was “Greta” from Gretel’s G Litter that left us just last week.











October 2019 –  “Our experience with Mary and the Valley Vineyard family has been just fantastic. So much care and time has been put into the entire process of raising the pups, it really  shows from day 1. Harley has been a super fast learner.  All of the training and acclimation that the pups are exposed to makes such a difference. Harley was practically potty trained when she came home and has no fear of loud noises or anything that would typically spook a pup.  Mary spent a good deal of time with us when we picked up Harley, going over diet, crate tips, types of food, the list is long.  When we Harley is out with us people comment on how well mannered for a puppy she is.  The selection process was great, we had time to find the perfect match for our family and couldn’t be happier with our little Harley!  She has been such a joy that we are considering adding another to the family :}” – The Joffe Family

Oregon labradoodle puppies standard size
Harley was formerly “Abloom” when she was with us, from Lilly and Gunner’s Summer Litter.












October 2019 – “Avalon (Canby) is 40 lb now, and is the most wonderful doodle on the planet! I don’t know what I would do without him! One of his favorite things to do is to give you a high five!” – Lorelei Pinley

best Oregon labradoodle breeder
Avalon was “Canby” from Lizzy and Basil’s Oregon Cities Litter










September 2019“Hello! I wanted to thank you for my most loved treasure, Tripp (Bono from Molly’s September 2016 litter.) Trippers is everything to me and continues to bring me so much joy. I thank God everyday for him. He’s such a good boy, very friendly and clever! Thank you again for bringing him into my life. I’m eternally indebted and grateful to you and your wonderful family. I hope all is well!” – Natalie R.

Oregon Labradoodles Portland Salem Beaverton
Tripp was formerly “Bono” born out of Molly’s 2016 Rock Star Litter









September 2019 – “Hey Mary! Just wanted to share some feedback and adorable pictures. Oblio / Harrison is the best puppy! Everyone says I got lucky with such a smart and well behaved puppy. I always counter that feedback by explaining emotional conditioning, and consistent training of course. You and your team do such a good job! Hope you, your family, and all the pups are well! Best, Colleen” 

Washington best Labradoodle puppy breeders
Harrison is now “Oblio” and was born out of Hazel and Gunner’s H Litter













September 2019 – “Bisbee went to the vet yesterday for his first vaccination. He weighed in at 28 lbs… He is still Mr. Chill. When we open the crate in the morning about 7am he just lays there and wants to be cuddled, massaged and stretched. He’s a happy dog, loves his walks whether they’re one mile or 2.5 miles with hill climbing and his car rides. He’s good with other puppies and dogs and with people he meets who need their puppy fix.He is a great addition to our household.” Dennis Hanson

Oregon Puppy Culture labradoodle puppies
Bisbee was “Harvey” when he was with us. He is from Hazel and Gunner’s H Litter.












September 2019 “He’s the cutest! He’s the best!” – Audrey, owner of “Oliver”

best labradoodle breeder Oregon puppies
Oliver is a standard size born out of Bella Chloe’s 2018 litter.











September 2019 – “Hi! Suki and I had her first socialization class yesterday.  At class, they brought out a bunch of enrichment-type items – a wobble board, a tunnel, shiny windshield reflectors, a box, a grate on the ground, etc. We got done with the small wooden platform, into the tunnel, I think. They asked “Was she raised in a program?” I said yes, she is a Puppy Culture puppy. They could definitely tell right away! She was a champ – even climbing on the skateboard! They talked about puppy-rearing programs to let the other folks know what we were talking about. Suki was also very nonchalant about the geese, chickens and sheep and remained very people-focused. Everybody thought she was just adorable. Just wanted to let you know your hard work gets noticed and appreciated!”  – Kattarina

Oregon labradoodle puppies available
Suki was formerly “Whitney” from Winnie and Basil’s W Litter.













September 2019“Hello Mary, We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful little boy! (Hollister,now Bodie). He is beyond adorable and his nature is soooo sweet. He is smart and funny and an absolute joy. He sleeps through the night and starts yawning at first light then wants to immediately go out to his business. We love him so very much!! Here he is with his doctor adhering to his vaccination schedule. He falls asleep on the table at each visit while we discuss his progress with his doctor. He now 16 lbs! Thanks for this amazing little man, Mary. We couldn’t be happier! Warmly, Peter and Patricia”


Vancouver Portland Seattle labradoodle puppies
Bodie was “Hollister” from Hazel and Gunner’s H Litter



September 2019 – “She has been doing amazing! Sleeps through the night, potty training amazingly and has been a blessing in our home! We couldn’t be happier with Elsa!”  – Kelsie King  
Oregon Portland Salem Vancouver labradoodles
Elsa with her new family. Elsa was formerly “Wilma” from Winnie and Basil’s W Litter.








September 2019“Hi! Maverick is doing amazing! He is such a sweet boy and we tell everyone who stops us to ask us what he is and where we got him, and we tell them how amazing you are and they should purchase from you.” – Theresa and Gregory

Oregon Puppy Culture labradoodles puppies
Maverick was formerly “Sherwood” from Lizzy and Basil’s Oregon Cities Litter.







“Archie is so relaxed, he totally fell asleep at the vet!”






August 2019 – “Mary and family, The drive to the highway was eventful. I think the nerves of leaving in conjunction with the stop and go traffic got the best of Archie and he lost his lunch. But once he arrived to his new home he fell right into place. He’s already had the opportunity to interact with friends and family. He’s stolen my niece and nephew’s heart but most of all he’s been totally welcomed in by his 14 1/2 year old brother, Oliver. Archie has had no accidents and is very astute. He automatically sits for his meals. The amount of energy, love, and training you invest in the pups is very evident and has made the transition so much easier. We are so excited and will definitely keep you updated.

– Anne Marie & Chris












August 2019 – “Just thought I’d let you know Skipper aka Truth is doing well. He is perfect! I couldn’t be more pleased.” – Laura Harris

standard labradoodles puppies now Oregon Seattle Vancouver Olympia Salem Portland
Skipper was formerly “Truth” from Gracie’s Noble Litter.









August 2019 – “We are head-over-paws in love with Piper and are thankful to you every day for bringing her to us! We think she’s the cutest!  Hope you are having an amazing summer and playing with more cute puppies!” – Ashley and Family

standard cream Australian Labradoodles Portland Oregon
Piper came from Winnie and Basil’s winter 2019 litter.
Standard cream labradoodles Salem Portland Olympia Seattle
Piper was “Cashmere” from our Winter Litter.












August 2019“Just thought you should see how profoundly Sherman (aka Justice) has positively impacted our family. He’s a perfect fit! I’ve been telling everyone we meet about you!” – Johanna Lopez

Oregon standard Australian labradoodle puppies available now
Sherman came out of Gracie and Basil’s 2019 spring litter.


Labradoodles puppies available now cream standard Portland Salem Oregon
Sherman and his boy.














August 2019 – “I want you to know that Parker is the best dog we have ever had! Everybody loves her and wants to know where we got her. Even the groomer wanted to know where we got her. We’ll be calling you next year for another puppy.” – L McGraw


August 2019 – “Hello Mary! Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much we love Izzy/Aurora. She is the best dog!! When we need another labradoodle, I pray you are still breeding them!” – R King

July 2019 – “What a truly amazing puppy we received. She is such a sweet loving dog. Kids are learning lessons about caring for her and being responsible. We have had zero issues with allergies and asthma. I just want to say thank you for all the work that was done with her before we took her home and all the great advice as she grows as a member of our family. She weighs 35lbs and is Bell of the Ball in our neighborhood with several play mates to play with. We love her and wouldn’t think twice about buying again from you.” – The Harris Family

labradoodles best breeder Oregon
Coco is a member of the Harris family now. She was “Sandy” from Lizzie’s Oregon Cities litter.













July 2019 – “Hi Mary, Thank you again for everything!  We are having the best time with sweet Bodie – he really is the greatest pup!  The ride home went smoothly, and he’s acclimating to us and his new home more quickly that we anticipated.  He even made friends with our cat the first day!  Nights have gone fairly smoothly, although he doesn’t love the wet grass at night – but we’ll get that figured out soon I’m sure.  We could not love him any more than we do 🙂 We can not thank you enough!” –  Kat & Morgan

Oregon Portland Salem Australian Labradoodles
Bodie is settling in nicely with the family cat. 🙂 Bodie was “Trooper” from Janie’s Patriotic Litter
Ha, ha! Bodie at home….we love to see that Bodie/Trooper still sleeps the same!













July 2019 – “Mary, Thought I’d share some pics of Bentley’s first summer vacation. He continues to be a fabulous and loving addition to our family.” –  Brenda

red labradoodles Oregon breeders
Bentley was born from Bella and Gunner’s 2018 “Cheers Litter”













June 2019“Here is a picture of Rocky (formerly Ernie) for the website. He is settling in so nicely. We want to thank you for all of the training you did before we picked him up. He sleeps through the night with rarely a “peep” out of him. He knows the “sit” command very well. He has learned where we keep the treats and when he thinks he deserves one he will go sit and look up to where they are.” – Ron and Jan

Oregon labradoodles summer puppies
Rocky, three days after going home. Rocky was “Ernie” from Katie’s Sesame Street Litter.


June 2019 – “Hi Mary! Just wanted to give you an update on Mookie. He is doing great! We have our last set of shots July 4th and we are shooting for beginning of Oct to get his neuter. We love him so much and he has been an absolute delight. You really do a wonderful job setting these puppies up for success. Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful summer!” – Patrick H.
Australian Labradoodle puppies now Oregon Seattle Vancouver
Mookie was “Tillamook” from Lizzie’s Oregon Cities litter.
May 2019“Porter is doing great and has been doing some puppy classes in Portland. Sleeping through the night and completely potty trained, and he’s learned to sit and go in his crate on command! We’re so happy to have him as a member of our family and he has brightened my life. I’ve dealt with issues of depression and anxiety in the past and Porter has played a key role in changing my outlook, so I’m forever grateful for his companionship and for the job you guys did raising him at Valley Vineyard. Much love!” – Ryan C.
Porter was “Portland” in our Oregon Cities Litter from Lizzie and Basil.












June 2019“I just wanted to sent you a current pic of our darling Winnie! She has her life jacket on and we were going out in our kayak. She loves to go in the kayak! We are having a lot of fun with her. She is now 41lbs. Thank you again for raising such wonderful pups!” –  Sharlene

Winnie was our “Cocoa” from our “Winter Litter.”














May 2019 – “We feel very blessed to have been able to add to our family with one of Mary’s Australian Labradoodles. Our sweet girl Finley aka “Sundae” from the 2019 Dessert Litter has been the perfect addition. Everywhere we go somebody is commenting on how wonderful she is. From the moment we picked her up, she has been 25% puppy and 75% snuggler. She loves attention and is great with our kids and our cat.” –  @thedoodlefinley on Instagram

Australian Labradoodles Oregon Salem Sherwood Beaverton
Finley is from Ruby and Gunner’s 2019 winter litter.
Finley on a fun, family adventure.











May 2019 – “Tuukka gets a lot of attention when we go out and I always brag about what a good job you do. It’s a pleasure to recommend someone. Tuukka likes people. When we’re on our walks and he hears a door open or close, he stops, plants himself, and stares at them to get their attention, he thinks they obviously came out just to tell him Hi. Last weekend, I had a toddler we met throw both arms around Tuukka’s head to hug him before his mom or I could stop him. No problem for Tuukka! I was proud of his non-reaction. My son told me yesterday I won the lottery when I got Tuukka.

– Corrin D.

Oregon labradoodles
Tuukka was “Dallas” from Lizzy’s 2018 Famous Cities Litter.
Tuukka at the bank.











May 2019 -“Hello Mary!! Ignotus, has been the most wonderful addition to our small family. Even our kitty Luna is warming up to him finally. We are so thankful to you for allowing us to be his parents! Iggy is doing wonderful. He’s incredibly smart, as loving as a dog can be, and so well behaved. We get compliments everywhere we go. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job raising these puppies.” – Jared, Lisa & Iggy

Iggy was “Basil” from Lilly and Gunner’s 2018 Spice











May 2019 – “We LOVE Poppy and she’s just the most lovable creature ever.”

Australian labradoodle puppies now
Poppy is from Lilly and Gunner’s 2018 Spice Litter.











May 2019 –  “Everyone is crazy about him.” – Barbara

Fudge is from Ruby and Gunner’s 2019 Dessert Litter











March 2019 “Hi Mary! I can’t believe it has already been 2 weeks since we brought Tula home. She is doing so well and we love her so much!! She is such a sweetie. She is gentle and soft but playful and smart as well. Tula (Toasty) is doing great! We are having so much fun with her. She is sleeping through the night, eating well, walking better on the leash and doing very well potty training. – Linda Shaw












March 2019Hey Mary, Jasper is doing great! We love her so much! She has added such an amazing depth and energy to our family dynamic! Here she is at 8months old. She’s getting a hair cut soon but is SO cute and so sweet we can hardly handle it! Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!” -Lexa and Max

Portland Oregon labradoodle puppies
Jasper was formerly “Whatchamacallit” from Emery and Gunner’s 2018 Candy Litter.













April 2019 –  “Hi Mary – Sophie (alias Cherry) has been spayed, and also want to let you know what a delight she is…not sure how we managed without her!  She is just over 7 months now and she is a sweetheart.

– Sally and Mark Simmons

Australian Labradoodle puppies now Portland Oregon
Sophie was “Cherry” from Katie and Gunner’s 2018 Botanical Litter.












March 2019 – “Hi Mary, I just wanted to give you an update on our wonderful puppy. We are sure enjoying her! We decided to name her after her Mommy. Winnie. We have always loved that name. She is doing great. She is potty trained, sleeps all night in her crate and even goes in on her own. She is leash trained and loves to run in our backyard and fetch balls. She has had her 2nd round of shots. We can’t wait until she is all done with shots so she can really get out and walk with us. Thank you for all you do to make sure these pups have a good start in life.” – The Bannans

I….”And I wanted to share this picture of our pup going for a ride! She is so good in the car! We sure are enjoying her.”

Australian labradoodle puppies now Oregon Washington Portland
Cocoa was born from Winnie and Basil’s January 2019 litter











March 2019 “Hi Mary! I wanted to send you quick note of appreciation. Thank you so much for all the love, affection, discipline, time etc. I could go on and on that you put into our pup Remington. We continually get great feedback about his disposition, which is the first thing people notice. He has been such a blessing to our family, and I can’t imagine life without him (I feel like I’m talking about one of my kids.). Thank you for all the work you put into a great start for him and us! He’s so smart and goofy. My mom says he reminds her of a cartoon character. “ – Roni

standard labradoodle puppies available now Portland Salem Oregon
Remington is from Bella and Gunner’s 2019 summer “Cheers” litter












March 2019 “Hi Mary, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Piper (aka “Cashmere), during her first couple days at home. She is doing amazing and we are all completely smitten! She has been so predictable, sweet, responsive, and completely adorable. She took right to her “play yard”, has been going potty outside in the grass while on her harness and leash, and has even picked up on the clicker = treats and to “sit” for clicks! She is also doing a great job of “sitting nice” for attention and responding immediately to an “OWIE” for nipping fingers or pant legs. After only about 1-2 minutes of cries, she went to sleep in her crate while while snuggled in her “scented blanket”, and slept through the night (whew!) We cannot thank you enough for the amazing care and devotion you gave Piper and all the pups! Because of all your hard work and love, we have been blessed with such a good tempered, smart, and overall amazing addition to our family! Best of luck to you with all the pups on your hands!” – Ashley (& kids)

Australian Labradoodle puppies available now Oregon Salem Portland Seattle
This is Cashmere, now “Piper” a few days after leaving to go to her forever family.









March 2019 –  “Cocoa is doing great! Loves her crate. Goes in all by herself. She seems so self-assured. We sure love her. She is such a joy. She is such a love! Her manding skills are excellent. We can’t thank you enough for all the work you do to prepare the pups for their new homes.” – Sharlene and Charlie

standard labradoodle puppies now
Cocoa at home a few days after leaving us. She is from Winnie and Basil’s 2019 litter.












March 2019 -“Sebastian is doing really great in his training and has been an amazing addition and improvement to my life! Thank you.” –  Sophie A 

Oregon Labradoodle breeders
Sebastian is from Emery and Gunner’s 2018 Candy Litter.












February 2019“I hope all is well with you and the “Cheers” litter. Bentley continues to do so well. He is just an amazing puppy. He loved the little bit of snow we had yesterday! I have attached a picture from our walk in torrential rain.” – Brenda T.

Labradoodle puppies available now Oregon
Bentley, from Bella and Gunner’s 2018 “Cheers” litter. Now almost 7 mos old.











February 2019 – “Phoebe has grown so much. Phoebe doesn’t bark much. If she hears a noise in the house that she doesn’t recognize, she might let out a few barks and then she comes and either sits in front of me or sits on my lap. Phoebe has lost her baby teeth and has her adult teeth coming in. We didn’t lose any shoes or furniture in the process. Her favorite toys for chewing are the kneecaps you sent home with her, a piece of deer antler, and a little piece of bone. She chews on those all of the time. We are glad the baby teeth are gone. She has learned the command of “gentle” when she is play biting and she will just tooth you softly. She is totally potty trained. We have an enclosed backyard and Doug takes her out to her potty spot to do her business and then lets her off leash to run around some. Phoebe is so delightful, fun, and loving. She is a great addition to our family. Thanks” – The Huston Family (Carol and Doug).

Phoebe was “Hazel” from Katie and Gunner’s 2018 Botanical Litter










February 2019“Hello Mary, We have Norman, aka Red from the Cheers litter. He’s amazing and we all love him!

-Cassandra Will

Oregon Salem puppies labradoodles
Red was “Norm” from our 2018 Cheers Litter born out of Bella and Gunner












January 2019 -“Hi Mary, we just wanted to wish you a happy New Year and thank you for doing such an amazing job with Yogi before coming home to us. He is turning out to be a great watch dog, yet very social and good with both kids and adults. He is not afraid of loud noises (like dogs we have owned in the past) which is a great relief when we need to go out and we don’t have to worry about him too much. He is very smart, has a great temperament and personality! He has a beautiful coat layering blonde and apricot colors and beautiful eyes with the longest eyelashes!!! I can’t recommend you as a breeder enough and have sent a few ppl your way! We are so thankful to have Yogi as a part of our family for years to come!! Thank you, Loren and Janay”

Standard Australian Labradoodles Oregon Seattle Portland
Yogi is from Ella and Basil’s 2017 Christmas Litter











January 2019 – “Hana continues to charm everyone who meets her. She is such a silly, playful, energetic, and loving puppy. I am so grateful to you! We took Hana to Timberline about a month ago and she loved the snow. She loves walking and being outside which is great for us as we are outdoor enthusiasts. I will attach a few recent photos of our Hana-girl. Take care and Happy New Year,

Warmly, Brigitte”  

standard Australian Labradoodle puppies Oregon Breeders
Hana is from Lilly and Gunner’s Fall 2018 Spice Litter











December 2018“Tanner is one of the best things that came into our life in 2018. We hope you’ve enjoyed a very merry Christmas!“-
Connie, Fred, and Tanner

standard labradoodle puppies Oregon Seattle Portland
Tanner, 4 mos old is from Katie and Gunner’s 2018 litter





December 2018Dear Mary, Some words about “Cashew,” (formerly “Cedar” from Katie’s Botanical Litter): Cashew is fully house trained and has only had a single accident inside our house since that first morning and has continued to sleep the whole night through. He never barks and is a joy to be around, comes readily when called by name, and spends his days romping around our farm together with six kittens. He and the cats often take naps together during the day. The puppy loves to play with children and can handle a fairly significant amount of roughhousing. Cashew is quiet and has never had an issue being in a crate.”  – Jon Brevik













December 2018 – “Mary just wanted to send you an update on Parker, she is the delight of our life, she got spayed a week ago, and is doing great! She’s very personable, love her to death! She’s quite a character!” – L McGaw

Parker was formerly “Kit Kat” from Emery and Gunner’s 2018 litter.












November 2018“Wrigley is precious. He is well mannered, gentle and wonderful with the kids.  He loves to be outside and run and run with the neighbor dogs. What a welcome addition to our family! ” – Cinda Norton

Wrigley. Formerly “Mickey” from Ella and Basil’s Disney Litter.











November 2018Hi Mary! We’re happy to report Chewy’s crate training has been going great. It’s a joy to see his blossoming personality and growing confidence as he learns and has new experiences. He is a handsome dog with his soft wavy coat and huge paws. We love our big puppy! Thanks again for having given him a loving first start.” – Edie and Rich

Chewy was “Rome” from Lizzie’s Cities Litter.










November 2018 – “Hi Mary! It’s been a while since we updated you on Oakley (8 months old now!), just wanted to let you know he’s still the BEST 🙂 My kids adore him – he’s so playful (loves fetch), is a great snuggler (even lets them lay on him), and is always there to listen to them. He walks with us to and from school almost every day.  The kids at school know him, he is so well-behaved when they flock around him and want to pet him. Everywhere we go people comment on how cute he is and his sweet personality. We are thankful for him and so glad he’s in our family.” – Kerr Family












November 2018“Phoebe is now 12 weeks old, and we have had her for four weeks. She is so smart that we are training her in a number of things. Of course, it helps that she will do just about anything for a snippet of cheese as a reward. Our next step will be fetch and drop it. She is totally potty trained and comes to Doug, sits in front of him, and goes into stare-down mode as her signal to him that she needs to go out. We have bought a set of potty bells, and that is our next step in the signaling to go outside. She hasn’t had an accident in the house since that first week, but we are diligent to take her out at least once per hour as well as at her signals.
Phoebe is totally unafraid of any noises we have come across. We even had our carpets shampooed by a professional, and he had some pretty noisy and odd-shaped equipment and that didn’t even phase her one bit. She loves company and is totally delightful when we have friends over. I notice some traits in Phoebe that have been fun to observe. When she is walking around in general, she keeps her nose to the ground checking things out. When I throw a treat for her, she watches the throw and plugs in the rest of the arc to start looking for where it landed. She’ll then do a grid search for it. What is really funny is she keeps her nose down while she is looking for something, but when she has something that is contraband (like a pine cone or something) she struts and prances with her head held up high as she moves through the house, trying to sneak the pinecone back to her den (the living room). It is hilarious when she thinks she is getting away with something. Such a fun, lovable puppy!” – Carol Huston

Phoebe. Formerly “Hazel” from Katie’s botanical litter.











October 2018 –Hana is doing very well with potty training- just a few accidents but mainly because we didn’t recognize her signal or didn’t take her out often enough. Hana is such a love! She fits so well into our family. It feels like she has always been with us.  She is smart, silly, confident, calm and loving. Everyone adores her and she gets lots of attention wherever we take her. You may be getting some calls from our neighbors and friends about your dogs! Hana and our cat even play with each other like two little pups. It is hilarious! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into our lives! Hana is destined to be the #1 dog in our list of great dogs. Warmly, Brigitte”

Brigitte and Hana











October 2018 – “Lucy’s such a sweet girl- and well loved! She’s so wonderful! The groomer said she’s the most beautiful labradoodle she’s ever seen. She’s had a few accidents, but was human error! She loves her family, always close by. This is Lucy’s nightly position during homework time.” – Amber

Lucy is a standard size pup from Lizzie’s litter (AKA “Brooklyn”.)
Lucy at homework time.













October 2018 – “Sophie (formerly Cherry) is doing great.  She slept through the night (10 hours!) on her first night.  Went right into her crate and never heard a peep from her.  She sleeps well each night. There have only been a couple nights in the first week when I needed to take her out in the middle of the night.  Potty training is also going well…her several little accidents have been our fault, not hers. She is a sweet girl – has her calm times and her crazy puppy moments of course – we are working on the gentle mouth – those little teeth are so sharp! Thanks for connecting us!” – Sally and Mark Simmons

Sophie and Sally Simmons













October 2018 – “Mary – here’s Ruby (“Diane”). She’s the BEST. Thank you SO MUCH. We love her. You did a fabulous job with her. Our trainer keeps saying so. 🙂 We hope to keep it up!” – Camilia Jacobs

Ruby, 11 weeks old, with her boy.
Ruby is formerly “Diane” from Bella’s “Cheers Litter.”














October 2018 –  “Phoebe is coming along well. She rarely has an accident in the house. Phoebe sleeps all night long which is totally a God-send. She loves people. She’s a happy dog and she struts when she walks, totally cute. She has learned how to sit, stand, lay down, roll over, stop, and touch, and we are working on those each day for short periods of time. Phoebe is real smart. This is my favorite picture of her.” – Carol Huston

Phoebe is a little over nine weeks old. Formerly, she was “Hazel” from Katie’s Botanical Litter.












October 2018 – “Mary, I have been wanting to email you updates on “Frasier” / Bentley but just never seem to get around to it. We love him so very much. He has been a wonderful dog. We start our training this week. He can already sit, shake, high five, an occasional roll over and usually responds to the stay command. He has been loose leash walking a little as well (in our back yard). Can’t wait to start being able to take him out for walks! Maybe you will see us walking around in the spring:) He is so good with the little kids around him and has a soft bite during this teething stage. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. He is such a great addition to our family.”

– B Teich  

Bentley, 12 weeks old, is formerly “Frasier” from Bella’s “Cheers Litter.”











October 2018 – “Harry is a genius, potty and crate trained. Follows me around and just stares in the funniest way! I’m pretty sure we’re going to need more of your pups 🙂” – Neda

Sam from the Cheers Litter is now “Harry” and lives with Neda and her family in California.












October 2018“Oliver is fetching! Did his duty outside and crates up without crying!! I love him! He eats, sleeps and poops like a champ. I must have gotten the smartest pup! Today he learned to roll over. Have I said “thank you” yet today?” – Audrey Butler

Oliver, 9 weeks old, is from Katie and Gunner’s Botanical litter. Formerly known as “Aspen.”












October 2018“Hi Mary, I wanted to let you know how Tanner (Hickory) is doing after a week in his new home.  He is doing great.  We love his manding.  He’ll do it when someone catches his attention.  He’s also hearing lot’s of new sounds outside that turn his head for a second, then he goes back to do what he was doing.  We have a bench in our fenced front yard and he likes to lay next to my leg while I sit while using my hand as his pillow.  He went to his first puppy social on Saturday.  He was the youngest and new so they had him behind a pen to begin with. He wagged his tail as the other puppies came up to investigate so they let him out and he was off and running.  He was great with the the puppies and led the way on showing them how to run through the tunnel. Still working on the potty training. He thought the potty bells are a great toy so we had to put them up for now. He’s a real joy and we are so glad we have him in our lives.  I know you miss them and your home must feel a lot different now, but know they are loved and well cared for.” – Fred


October 2018 – “Mary, Spirit is thriving, now quietly sleeping through the night for the past five evenings. She is friendly, curious and extremely self-confident. Thank you for providing a loving friend.”  – Tim

Spirit was formerly “Sage” from Lilly and Gunner’s litter. Now nine weeks old enjoying some sunshine with her new owner Tim.









October 2018 – “Hello, Cocoa is doing well. Growing big! She’s very soft. She looks like a teddy bear. She’s good!” – L Thoung

Cocoa, 10 mos old, is from Roo and Basil’s Animal Litter.












October 2018“Hi Mary! I took Maple to the vet today and just wanted to share with you that everyone there commented on what a beautiful dog he is! He also got compliments on being sweet and mostly obedient, especially for a 16 month-old boy. I have to say when I’ve met other doodle owners out and about, they are usually very impressed with how well behaved he is. He is on his best behavior out in public for the most part, but even at home he’s a good boy. My mom loves him so much I’ve almost got her convinced to contact you about getting a mini! I might have to get one if she won’t. “ – Tori


September 2018“Hi Mary! Murphy (“Bear” from Roo’s litter) is doing great!  He’s amazing on walks, rarely pulls on the leash and never barks, even when a dog we pass barks at us.  Everyone comments on how calm he is and his beautiful coloring. Here he is with his favorite toy. He’s such a great dog and we’re so happy to have him in our family. Thanks so much!” – Shellie










August 2018 – “Thruxton has brought us so much joy in the 7 months we’ve had him! We were so amazed with how easily he adapted to his new home and with all the traihe had prior. Mary does a wonderful job making sure the puppies have a good foundation and are confident before going home with their new owners. The work she does makes our job as puppy parents so much easier! We recommend Mary and Valley Vineyard Labradoodles to others every chance we get and have even been able to meet some half and full siblings along the way!!” – Kiersten W.



August 2018“I love my labradoodle MinnieMae from Valley Vinyards. She is mellow, confident, obedient, loving, the best dog ever. Thanks for giving her such a great start at life. She is thriving here in Seattle!” – Susi Frost



August 2018 – “Dear Mary, The day you phoned us to choose our puppy (Rome) from the last two puppies of his litter, you said somehow everyone ends up with the puppy they wanted. So true! He was our first choice from the day we visited the pups at 5 weeks old and we were over the moon when we got to bring him home. What a blessing that we opened ourselves to this little guy and he nestled into our hearts! We named him Chewy after the candy bar Charleston Chew, and he is so sweet. He wags his cute tail when he greets us so lovingly. Every day, since the beginning, he communicates his needs to us, comes when called, sits for treats and feeding, gives his distinct happy-howl-bark when excited, and rings the bell to go outside (no accidents inside so far!). Bless his heart for getting bopped on the head for the hundredth time by our cat, who for years played the cat-dog chase game but can no longer convince our older dog to partake in the “fun”. Our 8-year-old rescue shepherd mix and Chewy have become good doggy friends. Chewy is 14 weeks and really loves to wrestle with the older dog but also enjoys his quiet times being brushed or cuddled. He missed his littermates terribly the first few nights home and it took some patience and love to get him adjusted to being alone in his x-pen. We’re still working on the crate, but so far he likes to nap in it with the door open. Chewy is the perfect mix of calm, confident and attuned to us, others and his environment – he’s so smart! We are enormously grateful that you and your family gave him the best start from birth; we believe your work makes such a difference. Thank you so much!” – Rich and Edie



August 2018 – “Hi Mary, I hope all is well with you. We adopted Chardonnay (from Piper and Flash’s 2018 litter). We call her Penny Lane now because of her beautiful coat color.  I wanted to tell you what a joy she is – such a wonderful personality, so loving and good natured, so happy all the time.  She has a voracious appetite and is growing like crazy =D.  It’s hard to get good pictures of her because she’s usually on the move.  But I’ll try to send you some soon. Mary, thanks again for bringing these wonderful little dogs into the world, for giving them the very best care in those first few months, and for bringing them into our homes!” – Wylielea


August 2018 – “Hi Mary… I just wanted to tell you that this is the best puppy. I cannot tell you how happy I am. I will tell everyone what a wonderful person and great breeder you are. This has been an excellent experience. She has not made potty in the house at all. We had a great first night, only up one time in the night to go potty and that was it. She has caught on to ringing the bell to go potty outside already. Thank you again for a beautiful new friend for me. I really needed her. Her name should be Shadow…she follows me EVERYWHERE. I love it.” – Sherry Salley  

Twix is now “Shadow” from Emery and Gunner’s recent litter.











August 2018 –  (Three day report on “Tootsie Roll,” now “Gracie) – “Gracie is so smart! She is sleeping through the night and already going to the door to do her business outside. She sits and comes when called.  We are so impressed with her and love her so much. Winnie is adjusting. Everything belongs to her, of coarse, and she doesn’t know her own size. She just wants to play but the pup is still so little that we keep a close eye on them.  Each day Winnie is improving and soon they will be best friends, I’m sure of it.”

–  Cindy Smith




July 2018 –Hi Mary! I can’t say enough good things about Stanley. He is so calm and sweet and smart.Trainer reports excellent progress on house training, staying calm in the pen and exploring with confidence. He went to my vet for the first time Friday, he was a champ and they were amazed at how calm and brave he is , as well as handsome. He responds quickly just to body language and me holding him at arms length on the leash–he will think over his choices and sit. He’s done great at the Ahimsa puppy play classes, and we start puppy kindergarten next week. The Blue Angels are doing flyovers with fighter jets for Seafair, it’s very loud but he’s unfazed. He’s so confident that I’m not noticing any fear response so far. He’s a star in the neighborhood and many friends have come over to meet him. He’s calm even when he sees the rabbits and has often settled down with a chew stick to relax. It is amazing how he will go get a chew and settle down on his own at such a young age.  I asked the vet about his energy level, she thinks he’s growing so fast he needs extra sleep, and she said because his whole litter is calm, that’s nothing to be concerned about. I feel very lucky to have found him and am telling everyone about the science-based desensitization program you follow with your pups.”  – Susanna Clark



July 2018 – “Hi Mary,  I picked up Tuukka Friday (and this is only Wednesday). I was concerned about driving home alone with him in congested traffic. One hour and 45 minutes later we were home without even a whimper out of him – no car sickness, no potty incidents, just looking around at the new world. It was tempting to tuck him in bed with me at night but we did the crate thing and it was hard to hear him upset,  but it only lasted briefly and now he’s been staying in his crate all night without a peep. By Sunday he started to go to the door for potty time. Our cue is “outside”  so all the way over to potty central I keep talking about “outside” and about 15 – 30 seconds later he goes, and I tell him he’s wonderful and sometimes he gets a treat.  This even worked when we visited a friend 25 miles away!  He also sits for treats and sits for his food. Last night we started working with the doorbell. My goal is for him to hear the doorbell and have him go sit at the entry. I appreciate the hard work you invested in him daily, I’ve only got him as a new baby,  if I multiply that by 7 that doesn’t leave very much time for anything else. I’m working at building on your excellent foundation to have one of those companions who is welcome by most because of his demeanor and you got us off to a very good start on that. Thank you!” –  Corrin





July 2018 – “Hi Mary, I wanted to thank you for the effort you put in to your pups! Murphy (Bear) did great last night, just relaxing on the deck with us. The fireworks didn’t bother him at all. He is such a mellow puppy! He has bursts of energy then just flops on the floor. We love having him in our family.” –  Shellie



July 2018– “Good Morning Mary, Paulina is doing great. She’s just the best dog. So affectionate, so friendly and silly and everyone she meets just loves her (and she loves them)! She’s developed one peculiar tendency which we are determined to get on video.  When she gets concerned about someone, like a delivery person, or some stranger that just kind of concerns her for some reason, she stands up and walks around on her hind legs for a long time -like 30 seconds and she gets super focused.  She’s never mean (though she will bark) She just prefers to be on her hind legs – maybe to make herself appear larger?? I don’t know but it’s pretty hysterical. She’s in great health. Just thought I’d include a few pictures of our recent vacation at Stinson Beach with Lena. She is an ocean lover.” – Valerie



June 2018 – “Gretel is such a joyful addition to our family! She adjusted quickly and easily to our other dog Hazel, it was like we had already had her for some time.  Now it’s hard to imagine life without her! She is sharp as a tack and learns very quickly. Because she was already potty trained when she came home, she learned extra fast to ring a bell to go outside and potty. She sits sweetly for attention, and it doesn’t take long for her to roll over for belly rubs. We love her so very much, and are so thankful for the time and effort that is put into preparing a Valley Vineyard puppy for it’s forever family.”  –Michael & Jennifer

Australian labradoodle puppy breeders
Gretel is a mini from Riley’s 2018 litter.











June 2018“First night slept seven hours – goes right in the crate and snuggles in! You are a wonderful breeder to be connected with. I meant to text you a couple of days ago – Thank you so much for desensitizing Lucy to thunder. We had huge thunder right over our house for about 40 minutes. All Lucy did was look up.  Thank you. Good puppy!” – Pam Grignon

labradoodle puppies Portland Vancouver
Lucy (formerly “Fox” from Roo and Basil’s 2018 litter)











June 2018 “Hello Mary, It has been a very long time since I’ve sent a photo. I hope you remember the tiny puppy you named Orbit. He has grown into 78 lbs of pure sweetness. He has the most amazing personality that keeps a smile on our faces and a twinkle in our eye. He is growing, thriving and bringing us great joy. He melts hearts wherever he goes. Thank you for all that you do to breed healthy happy dogs!!  Please post my email. You produce the best dogs any owner could ever imagine. “  – Kelli Davidson

Australian Labradoodles standard puppies Oregon
Orbir, now “Brooklyn” from Winnie’s 2017 litter












May 2018“Moose is doing so great. Such a good boy. We love him to death.” – M. Carrone

standard labradoodle puppies Oregon Washington now
Moose is from Piper’s Wine Litter, “Malbec”











May 2018 “Hello Mary!! We have been loving our girl, Lena SO MUCH! We are about to start our second round of puppy training courses, and she has been very easy to train – in the last course, she was quite the star and the trainer loved her and was always using her as the example. She is an amazing dog – she is so smart, so social and just unbelievably loving. We feel certain that this is in great part due to you, and how carefully you welcome your puppies into their new world, and nurture them. So, we’ve been thinking we would like to give her a friend and naturally, you’re the only person we want to go to. . . . .”   – Valerie Northrop

cream standard labradoodle puppies now Oregon
Lena at five months old from Winnie’s 2017 Christmas Litter
Australian Labradoodles puppies standard cream Basil











May 2018 – “Hi Mary:) Just wanted to check in and let you know how Oakley is doing. He is such a good boy! We feel like he’s the perfect combination of playfulness and mellowness. From his first night here, we have been impressed with how well he sleeps at night, goes into his plastic crate by Camden’s room with no issues and sleeps through the night. (He’s not a fan of his wire crate but we are still working on that.) He is learning to ring the bells to go out to potty and he knows to sit for us before he comes back inside. He has brought our family so much joy in the short time he has been here, I can’t tell you how many smiles and laughter he’s caused. Such a blessing to us all. Thank you for the time and care you put into his life, it all shows in his confidence and personality.” – The Kerrs (Here he is at almost 10 weeks)

Labradoodle puppies available now Oregon Portland Seattle Vancouver Salem Tigard











May 2018“Dear Mary, I am sure you get so many emails all the time, so don’t feel like you need to respond, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into how wonderful Anza is. First of all, she is SO SMART! I know careful breeding and all your hard work is to be commended for this. She is only 9 weeks old and already knows and responds to: come, sit, ring the bells, and go potty. Whenever we call her, she comes running, sits down, and looks at us for the next command (or a treat, which comes often in the form of food or lavish praise). She is a supreme snuggler. She loves to be held and cozies right up on anyone’s lap who happens to sit on the floor. When we lift her up to the couch, she would much rather be in a lap than by herself. She is perfect for our family and we are so grateful to you for raising such amazing pups. THANK YOU!” – Vanessa

labradoodle puppies reds blacks standards mediums Oregon Portland Salem
Anna Anza, formerly “Syrah” from Piper’s 2018 litter











April 2018“Wonderful addition to our family! She’s amazing. She went to bed at 9 pm, no whining in her crate. She is perfect. Only had one accident because we didn’t read her signal. She’s so amazing and we are so grateful.” – Bonnie Williams

labradodle breeders therapy Puppy Culture
Willow, formerly “Merlot” from Piper’s 2018 litter.










April 2018“Hi Mary! Quimby Cabernet is just making her self at home sooo well. Very smart & adorable. All is well & I feel so blessed to have her in my life.” – Rosalie Becker

Quimby and her new mama












April 2018 – “What a great dog. Thank you so much for everything you did. Everybody loves him. Such a cool dog, such a good boy. He brings a lot of joy to the family.” – Mike Carrone

Australian Labradoodle breeders Oregon Washington
Moose, formerly “Malbec” from Piper’s 2018 litter.





April 2018 “Hi Mary, Tucker is doing well! He is silly and playful. He loves to be loved and likes to curl up right next us. His sweet face and wagging tail bring our family lots of joy. He is up to 48lbs and has the most beautiful coat—thick and soft with a gentle wave. He gets tons of compliments—such a handsome boy! He’s very smart and knows lots of little tricks. We love him so much. Thank you!”
– Katherine Kurtz 

Black Australian Labradoodle puppies therapy dogs Puppy Culture Portland Seattle
Tucker. Formerly, “Onyx” from Emery and Basil’s 2017 litter.











* * * * * *

April 2018 – Two of our pup families connected after leaving our home and became fast friends! We received this picture and text today:

Australian labradoodle therapy dogs puppies Oregon breeder
Henry and Thruxton, formerly “Jolly” and “Kringle” from our recent Christmas Litter. These pups helped form new found human friendships!

“Mary, this is a testament to your temperaments and socializing. This is the middle of training, while all the other puppies were barking, walking around and trying to play. The boys just chilled. It is so obvious all the work you pour into them! And when it’s both of them together, it’s obvious that it was environment and not the individual puppy. Nothing phases them! It sure shows!”

– S. Pitts, Washington









* * * * * *


Australian Labradoodle puppies Oregon standard
Sammy happily at home at 10 weeks old.
labradoodle breeders Oregon Portland Reddng Salem
Sammy loves her crate. 🙂










February 18, 2018 – “Hi Mary, We’ve had a wonderful week with Noel! Her new name is Sammy. Sammy has been amazing! She just had an accident for the first time in the house because I was being lazy on a Saturday morning. She’s sleeping in a crate next to my bed happily. I take her out once at night to pee and she goes right back to sleep. She made it seven hours last night! This is my easiest baby by far! Her crate is her safe place and she brings all her toys in there to keep them “safe.” Sammy is already sitting on command and coming when she is called! Just amazing! What a great beginning. We just love her and she was worth the wait! I can’t wait to see her grow and develop. What a smart puppy she already is. Thank you for all your hard work to make this transition easy. I expected a much more sleep deprived and exhausting week. I got pure joy! We are all in love.” – Elizabeth Richardson


* * * * * * *

Root was born out of our Molly in 2015


February 2018 – “Root just turned 3 and he’s been the very best! His temperament is amazing and he’s so smart! Wanted to send you his birthday pics and an update.” – Kellie Whitefeather








* * * * * * *


Milo came from Winnie and Crockett’s 2017 litter

January 2018“Thanks Mary! Felix and I can’t be more grateful to have found you guys and Milo. Wherever Milo goes, from restaurants to puppy training, everyone always comments how well behaved and gentle Milo is. You are amazing. :)” – Kat and Felix




* * * * * * * * *

Rowdy, formerly “Manacotti” from Riley and Basil’s 2017 litter.

December 2017“Hi Mary,I thought I’d give you an update on Rowdy. He’s SO SO SWEET!!! We are absolutely in love with him. He’s pretty much potty trained now, the only recent accident (couple of weeks ago) was because I didn’t realize what he was trying to tell me, so my fault. He’s so affectionate and smart; he will cuddle up next to us on the couch and plop his head in my lap. He has calmed down a fair bit but still gets the “zoomies” where he’ll run crazy all over the living room. He loves hiking in the woods on the trails we have nearby and is excellent off leash. He loves other dogs and is very well socialized. He is a beautiful, really good boy. He is truly so handsome, people comment all the time on his gorgeous face and his apricot coat. He sleeps up on our bed at night (after a goodnight play with our 13 yr old) and once he settles, we don’t even know he’s there. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful job you did with him in giving him such a good start to life!”

–  Anne Marie xo



* * * * * * *


Bear, formerly “Cosmo” from Winnie and Crockett’s litter of large standards. Only 6 months old here!

December 2017“Mary, Bear is so smart. He loves people and other dogs. Such a cutie. We love him to pieces! Great dog, loves his family, very social, has a feisty personality once in a while but totally calm most of the time.” – Bethany Schuttinga


* * * * * * * * * *

Rosie, formerly “Hazelnut” from Piper’s 2017 litter

November 2017“Hi Mary, We love her. Thanks so much for the excellent beginning you gave her!!!” –  Carolyn Banks

* * * * * * * * *

Ollie, formerly “Pecan” from Piper and Sloan’s 2017 litter.

October 2017 “Hi Mary, we wanted to send you a note on Ollie “Pecan.” He sure is a sweetheart and greatly loved. He wants to please each of us. Ollie has joined our routine and is eager to wake the kids for school each morning. The kids love it! He is healthy, active and continues to sleep thorugh the night. Ollie is such a wonderful addition to our family. He’s a special doggie! The neighborhood loves him too. Thank you!” – A. Schoepper

* * * * * * * * *


standard Australian labradoodle puppies now
“Luna” from Winnie and Crockett’s litter

“She is amazing and sweet! Thank You Mary!” – Kat









* * * * * * * * * *



Labradoodle puppies Seattle Salem Portland
Cash, five months old
Australian Labradoodle puppies Oregon Breeders

Nov 2017 – Cash, now 5 mos old.

“I’ve only corrected ONE pre-accident, and there was ONE accident, and it never happened again. He’s perfect. His adult teeth are now in and we had no issues. He loves his pack, he is so loyal. We love him so much. And he certainly doesn’t lack confidence – he plays with “the big dogs” at doggie daycare. I never knew I could love a dog so much. Thank you!” – Casey R., Seattle





* * * * * * * * *


Australian labradoodle puppies Puppy Culture
Topaz now Lio 5 mos old

October 2018 “Hi Mary! Lio (Topaz) is well loved! He’s almost 30 pounds now! We can’t go


anywhere without people wanting to meet him and EVERYONE comments on how soft his fur is. He is still learning lots of commands and is doing great at house training! He really is like a living teddy bear! 🙂 Thanks again!” – Helen N.

* * * * * * * *

Labradoddle breeders Puppy Culture Oregon
Benji, previously “Tortellini” from Riley and Basil’s litter.

October 2018“This is Benji, now 4 months old and 19 pounds. His trainer says he is a dog trainers dream – smart, confident, happy, willing to please. I love him to pieces. He loves to run and never runs away – always loops and looks to see he is not too far away and always comes when called. We are doing great and he is so sweet! Thought you might like the update. He is healthy. The family he stays at have kids, dogs, a cat, and goats, and he is good with them all! Thank you again for the great job you do!”

– Barbara Owens



* * * * * * * *



Australian Labradoodle puppies available Portland Redding Vancouver
Tashi, formerly “Sputnik”from Winnie’s 2017 Outer Space litter.

October 2017“Mary, Thanks for giving these puppies an extraordinary start. Tashi (Sputnick) made the 8 hour drive home like a champ. He slept through an hour long meditation class after greeting each person without jumping or biting. He was cautious with the cats, but made friends. I couldn’t imagine the first days with a new puppy being so easy! Tashi is now 4 months old. He is a joyful swimmer already, a great retriever and stays close on trail hikes. He come 95% of the time on command. (rotisserie chicken helps!) He is the companion I had hoped for and more. Thanks for your attention to detail on breeding and puppy care.” – Lynn Hart








* * * * * * * * *

Labradoodle puppies Oregon Seattle Portland Beaverton
Mendes, formerly “Prince” from Molly’s Rock Star Litter.

October 2017 –  “Hi Mary, Mendes is one year old and we want to tell you what a wonderful pup he is! We are so happy to have him in our lives. He’s so smart and loving, making friends everywhere he goes! He loves the beach and the park, long walks, and would play catch all day if he could. I don’t think it’s possible that we could love him more. We are so grateful to you for taking such care in the puppies you breed!” – Rocco and Crystal, NYC







Labradoodle breeders Idaho Washington Portland Oregon
Hans, now one year old.

October 2017“Hi Mary, I want to thank you SO MUCH for the sweetest love bug I could ever imagine. Nic and I both cannot imagine life without him. He lives like a prince here in SF – not sure if you’ve been following along, but you can see how he has grown via his Instagram account @thehanseldoodle. I should have reached out earlier to update you on how amazing he is, but you know how busy things can get! We just love him so much!” – XO, Jenna, Nic and Hans





* * * * * *



Australian Labradoodle breeders Oregon Washington Vancouver Portland
Copper 3 months old

October 2017“Hi Mary! Just wanted to let you know Copper (formerly Chestnut) is doing great! We love him so much! We’ve been doing puppy training class and he’s doing great. Very smart and eager to please.” – The Dalzells








* * * * * *

Australian Labradoodles puppies breeder Salem Oregon
“Bono” from Molly’s 2016 Rock Star litter. Now one year old.

October 2017 –  “Bono (“Tripp” now) is 1 year today, and wow what a year! He is my whole world and I’ve never loved anything more than I love my Tripp. I know God had a hand in me finding your business now more than ever. My life has been so blessed with him in it. I know that sounds super sappy so I’ll stop before I go on for days. He’s darling with little children and loves being pet by anyone he sees. He loves the beach and he’s a perfect angel in the car. The vet and groomer, not to mention everyone on the streets, are always in awe of his shiny black coat. He gets compliments everywhere we go. I’ve had many strangers offer to buy him and were actually serious (as if!!) and even more ask me who his breeders were. Of course I always say ‘Valley Vineyard Labradoodles in Sherwood Oregon! Look them up!’ One lady on our last trip to Idaho expressed that he was the most “magnificent creature” she’d ever seen. We got a good kick out of that. But it’s true, he is magnificent and the best thing that’s ever come into my life. Thank you thank you thank you! God bless you!” – Natalie R.

September 2017 – 
Someone got into the laundry bag! Tucker (AKA “Onyx”)

“Hi Mary, Here’s a picture of Tucker. He’s the sweetest, friendliest dog. He’s doing very well and growing quickly–up to about 16lbs. We love him!” – Katherine Kurtz







* * * * * *

September 2017 –  

Australian Labradoodles puppies Portland Oregon Seattle Vancouver
Cash at home, 3 mos old.

Hi Mary- Just wanted to give you an update on our one month with Cash. He’s amazing. Here are some of the things I’m so impressed with:

-He can heel, sit, lay, roll over, give, leave, spin, walk, come and release after just 2 puppy K classes
-he is so lovable and affectionate and is great with children, other dogs and we’ve even had random dog walkers coming
-his potty training has been amazing. One accident, happened because I didn’t realize he’s able to go down the basement stairs yet. He’s been left for 4 hours by mistake and did fine and also sleeps through the night  10 or 10:30- 5-5:45 everyday.
– he loves baths, playing, running, walking, swimming and hiking- super active and likes to show off his activity level
Thank you again so much! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family, I never imagined I could love an animal so much.”


* * * * * * * * *


Tortellini now “Benji”

September 2017“Thank you again for being such a great breeder. I really won the lottery when I found your website.” – Barbara (Adopted “Tortellini” from Riley and Basil’s litter)


* * * * * * * *

Jasper, now known as “Ike” with his new family.
Jasper, now known as “Ike”

September 2017 – We got this text about “Jasper” from Emery and Basil’s last litter:

“Best. Dog. EVER!!” – Tana








* * * * * * * * *

Labradoodle breeder Oregon Washington
Riley, aka “Fettuccine” from Riley and Basil’s litter

September 2017 – “Hi Mary! Here is a recent picture of Riley (Fettuccine)! She is settling in so well– fine with the crate now, sleeping through the night, no accidents! We adore her and feel so fortunate that you prepared such a wonderful addition to our family!”








  • * * * * * * * * * *


Tanzanite is now “Maple.”

September 2017“Maple is doing really well. He is a sweet little guy for sure. We start puppy class on Saturday so looking forward to getting into training him because he is so smart and eager to please. All in all he’s such a sweetheart and we are so happy to have him. I can’t wait for him to be fully house trained so I can break all the rules and let him sleep in our bed. :)” – Tori

* * * * * * * * *

Janie, formerly “Pistachio” from Piper’s litter

August 2017“Hi Mary 🙂 we LOVE sweet Janie! She is adjusting great to the crate, sweetest puppy ever!! She is a doll. Potty training is great and she is very smart!”

– Anne Nash








 * * * * * * * * *

Australian Labradoodles Oregon Seattle Beaverton Portland Salem
Minnie Mae, formerly “Rigatoni” from Riley and Basil’s litter.
multi generational australian labradoodles Oregon Washington

August 2017 – “Hi Mary, Wanted to give you an update on Minnie (aka Rigatoni). She is doing really great! She adapts very easily to new surroundings, she quickly found her favorite spot at the cottage and in the motorhome and settles there with her chew toy when she needs a break. She loves her cozy crate and goes right in for naps and at night she sleeps in it for about 5-6 hours until she makes a little noise to tell me she needs to go potty. We go out, she does her business and goes right back to sleep. Has only had a few accidents in the house, but I take the blame for not taking her out sooner. She comes when I call her and sits her little bottom down and looks up at me. I saw your video on Facebook where you were saying “puppy come!” So I am using the same happy inflection and saying “Minnie come!” And she comes running to me. Thank you for bringing this into my life, I love her and we have definitely bonded, she follows me everywhere.I am blessed to have her and so grateful to you!” – Susi

* * * * * * * *

Oregon labradoodle breeder
Lio with his new family (formerly “Topaz” from Emery and Basil’s litter)

August 2017“Topaz ( now “Lio”) has had a busy two weeks. We take him everywhere with us practically. My guess is he’s met over a hundred people since we picked him up. He is so incredibly gentle and calm when he meets new people- everyone is shocked! He has been sleeping through the night since day 3 and is super cuddly and smart! House training is going so well! Thanks again for all the work you and his guardian family put into to these pups!”

Lio, AKA “Topaz” from Emery and Basil’s litter

– Helen Newcomb









* * * * * * * * * *


Australian Labradoodle puppies black medium
Copper is from Piper’s litter.
labradoodle puppies breeder Oregon Washington
Copper at home.

“Copper (formerly Chestnut) is doing GREAT!! We absolutely love him and have quickly become very attached. Some yelping for about five minutes the first night we put him to bed in his crate, then quieted down and went to sleep. The last two nights he’s gone to bed fine and done well practicing taking a couple naps in his crate during the day. He and our dog Chester are doing well together. We’ve been practicing sit and come and taught him one more trick. He’s smart and attentive just like you said! Excited to teach him more. He’s very attached to D.J., which D.J. is loving. He is going to be such gift for D.J. this year and a gift to our family for years to come. We are 100% in love with Australian Labradoodles!!” –  Charlene 🙂

* * * * * *
Winnie, formerly “Star” from Winnie’s litter

August 2017 –  “It is evident that the early care that you give your puppies goes a long way into their behavioral and emotional well beings as they go to their forever homes.  Winnie is an amazing puppy with an excellent personality and temperament.  We couldn’t ask for a more calm, confident and obedient puppy.  Thank you for our newest little family member!  We love her so much.” – Cindy Smith






* * * * * * * *



Cash, formerly “Cashew” from Piper’s litter.

August 2017 –

“The day my husband and I decided not to have a second child, we turned a corner on a walk and met a lovely Labradoodle (one of Mary’s dogs) talked for a bit, called Mary and were off to meet pregnant Piper that weekend. We now have Cash (Cashew) in our home since Wednesday and he  has been such a joy. People really scare ya about the puppy days but I’m astonished at how amazing he’s doing. NO POTTY ACCIDENTS WHATSOEVER, have left Cash for 3 hours and while the first two nights were hard and long, last night he slept through the night – we can’t believe it!!!  I can’t say enough about Mary’s breeding program from her professionalism, knowledge, experience and genuine love for these dogs. The emotional conditioning is apparent and HUGE and Cash is the most lovable, mellow, obedient puppy we’ve ever met. He sits, lays, crates and potties on command. I should mention, we haven’t used the litter box. Thank you Mary for our sweet love, Cash he’s becoming fast friends with his big sister, Lucy and his cat buddies, Billy and Tang.” – The Rasmussens

Australian Labradoodle puppies Portland Oregon
* * * * * * * *


Tortellini, now called “Benji”

August 2017 – His new “mama” wrote us after their first day with Tortellini,” 8 weeks old, from Riley and Basil’s litter –

“Benji let out two tiny tiny yelps when we took off and was quiet  the rest of a 7 hour trip.  I sat in back with him and he bonded to me, loved to be cuddled.  Only time he yelped was when I got out to run quickly to the bathroom. He thought I had left him lol   He did cry all night but that’s the way it goes .   Today he has been an angel.   Did poo poo outside as well as pee pee. Can even see any signs of him using litter box.   He has played ball with my granddaughter and returns it promptly. So smart! and such a good boy.  I want to thank you very much for such a good puppy.   You are such a wonderful breeder. I would recommend you to anyone!” –  Barbara

and a week later:

“I could not be happier with Benji (Tortellini from Riley). He is smart loving and loyal. He knows “come” , “sit,” “down,” and we are working on “off” as well as doing well with lease training , And I’ve only had him one week! I could not be happier with him!” – Barbara



* * * * * * * *


Labradoodle puppies standard mini
Bear, formerly known as “Cosmo”

August 2017 – “Bear” formerly known as “Cosmo” from Winnie’s litter now lives in Minneapolis.

“He loves people and other dogs. He is so smart! We love him to pieces, such a good dog. Sleeping through the night and so affectionate!” – Bethany Schuttinga







* * * * * * * *

Orbit at home with his forever family.

August 2017“Orbit, now Brooklyn, is quite smart and everyday he teaches me just as much I as am hopefully teaching him. You did an amazing job of preparing him to leave you. He had an easy time adjusting and sleeps through the night without needing to potty. I set up an area for him, if needed, but he has not. Thank you for trusting us with a very special dog that has warmed our hearts and changed our lives forever. Please feel free to post my message on your testimonial page. If it helps someone in making the decision to get a puppy from you, it’s a very good thing!” – K Ennis, California


* * * * * *

Labradoodles Oregon medium


August 2017 – “Mary, Thanks for giving these puppies an extraordinary start. Tashi (Sputnik) made the 8 hour drive like a champ. He slept through an hour long meditation class after greeting each person without jumping or biting. He is cautious and making friends with the cats. I couldn’t imagine the first days with a new puppy being so easy!”
– Lynn H


* * * * * * * * *

labradoodle breeder Oregon
Pluto, now known as

August 2017“George” aka “Pluto” is doing super great. Very few accidents in the home and he has been doing well with the family. He is already sitting and learning so much at a young age. Just a real sweet pup.” – Dave Hawley










* * * * * * *


June 2017“He is such a joy.  So playful, loving and smart!  We could not be happier.” – Gail CostanzaAustralian Labradoodle puppies



* * * * * * * *


May 2017Labradoodle puppiesAnother one of our pups, Padme, is grown up and doing therapy work. We love hearing stuff like this!  Here’s the link to the news article about the work he’s doing. Thank you Karen Swinkels for the work you’re doing and for sharing with us!

Padme Article Part One,        Padme Article Part Two   




* * * * * * *

Black labradoodle puppies Oregon breeder
Isabel happy with her forever family. 🙂

April 2017 – Regarding Isabel…… “She’s the most adorable little puppy and we love her like crazy! She has the best temperament and is so sweet and gentle. I cannot say enough good things about her. She is also super smart and a big mush! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl! Again thank you. I know a lot of her great traits definitely started with being bred by a great and caring breeder. I can’t remember our lives before Isabel and I couldn’t ever imagine our lives without her! Here’s a couple more pictures of her because she’s so cute lol!”





* * * * * * *

Labradoodle Breeder Beaverton Salem Portland SeattleApril 2017 –  “He is the best dog ever. We feel so lucky!” – Katya, Portland

* * * * * *








April 2017“”Hi Mary it’s Rocco. Rachel and I bought Prince and Celine back in November just in case you don’t remember. I just wanted to thank you again for being such a great breeder. Isabel and Archimedes are amazing puppies. We couldn’t have asked for better puppies. Rachels sister has Archimedes and we get Isabel and him together as often as we could and they absolutely love each other and play like crazy. I just wanted to write you again to thank you and I figured I would send some pictures so you could see how big they got. They are both doing great. We have them both in puppy class and we’re socializing them as much as we could. Again, they are so good. Thanks again!” – Rocco, NYC

Australian Labradoodle puppies Oregon Portland Seattle Beaverton Salem
Happy in NYC

* * * * * * *

April 2017“He is so wonderful, and he is the cutest dog in the history of all dogs (of course we think so).”  – Ara, adopted from Emery’s 2016 litter.








* * * * * * *

Australian Labradoodle puppies Oregon Salem Eugene Seattle
Mambo, from Ella and Basil’s 2017 litter

April 2017 – “We love him a lot. He’s healthy and sweet. He’s smart enough to learn tricks like sit, down, up, paw, high five, roll over, sit pretty, leave it, etc. Check him out on Instagram – “Mambothedood”  – Emily Fan









* * * * *  – “We couldn’t be happier witki (formerly Elizabeth) from Emery!” – Leslie Gritzmacher, Portland









* * * * * * *

Labradoodle puppies Oregon breeder


April 2017 – “We adore her. Lilly is absolutely the sweetest dog. Doing so well. Everyone loves her! We are so thankful to have her.” – Renee, Sherwood, Oregon







* * * * * *


Australian Labradoodle breeders Oregon Washington

April 2017 – 

“Hi Mary, Annie has been a complete and total blessing for our family! We love her so very much.” – Susan L.

* * * * * * *


April 2017 – “Mary, This is the perfect picture of how we find Dayz consistently relaxing. It’s adorable and one of my most favorite things about her. I think she’s most comfortable like this because of the training you do with them as puppies. At least that’s all I can figure. I’m excited to buy another puppy from you sometime in the future because we just love Dayz so much!” – Logan




* * * * * *

Australian labradoodle puppies Oregon Washington Seattle

March 2017  – “OMG thank you! She is so lovable, she follows me everywhere. I just can’t believe that she’s like she is. What a wonderful temperament! Thank you again Mary! Oh so happy to have her!!” – Sharon, Medford, Oregon (Adopted “Esther” from Ella and Basil’s 2017 litter)






* * * * * * *


Portland Australian Labradoodles puppies Seattle Oregon March 2017 – “Everything is wonderful and they’re doing great. We love these girls so much. We thank you.” – Tony Geist (Adopted “Georgianna” and “Jane” from Emery and Basil’s 2016 litter)

* * * * * * *

standard Australian labradoodles black
Clark, standard Australian Labradoodle from our Molly’s line

April 2017  “He’s doing great. He is the greatest pup. He can speak, roll-over, “dance” (jump in a circle), touch his nose to my hand on command, and all the basics (sit, stay, lay, etc.). He is a big love-bug. He’s polite at the door and doesn’t jump on people. He’s a 10!  He’s such a great dog. We love him to pieces!” – Carrie Roshak






* * * * * * *


Oregon Labradoodle breeders

March 2017 –  “Not that I want to think this way, but if anything were to ever happen to Daisy, I would buy another one from you in a heartbeat!!! She has been the very best dog we’ve ever had.”  – L. Goodin, Montana





* * * * * * *

Australian Labradoodle puppies available now Portland Salem Redding Vancouver
Bennet, 8 weeks old, from EmerJanuary 2017 – Gail Costanza wrote, Hi Mary, I could not be happier!!!!!  We love Jesse so much.”








* * * * * *

January 2017 –  “They are both doing great and learning so quickly and growing like weeds! Isabel already tells us when she has to go outside! They’re so smart and lovable!”


December 2016 – “Ollie is a smart, fun-loving dog, and a great addition to our family. He’s got such a great smile and is so friendly to everyone. We honestly could not ask for a better dog!!” – Gina


November 2016 – “Hi Mary, Mooch is going to be 3 and is all grown up. He is a big boy and a wonderful member of our family. Mooch is now trained and recognized as a Service Animal. What a blessing to us. God bless.” –  Keith




November 2016 –   “We could not be happier with Bodie!! Thanks so much!” – From Michael and Lisa and Gabe and so many others!


\ * * *

Labradoodle puppies breeder guardian Oregon
Luke, from Ella’s 2016 litter.

October 2016 – “Luke is one of your best ambassadors, everyone he meets wants to know where we got such a mellow puppy!” – Liza Gildark



* * * * *


Henry as a young pup in his new home. Now almost grown!
Henry as a young pup in his new home. Now almost grown!

2016 – “Hello, I’m writing to tell you how much we all love Henry. He is all that we hoped for in a family dog and more. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love and he gets along well with other dogs too. He is very smart. I’ve been taking him to dog training classes and he is so quick to learn. He is most definitely tops in his class. Henry has added so much happiness to our home.  He rarely barks, he is sweet and gentle and loving and obedient (especially if you have a treat to give him). He doesn’t chew on anything other than his toys. My son loves Henry so much he say’s “dogs are Gods gift to us”. “They are so sweet and loving and adorable.”  My daughter adores Henry too. She seeks him out every chance she gets and finds him a nice reprieve from school work and the stress that goes along with being 13. My husband and I also love him so much. My husband works from home and is able to spend time with him during the day.  Henry gives Joe a nice break from the stress of his job. I’m a stay at home mom and am able to give him lots of exercise and love as well. He goes everywhere he can with us.  He quietly waits for me to get up in the morning.  Once he is fed he goes to the kids bedrooms and gently wakes them with the bump of his nose. He loves going with us to the bus stop where he has lots of kids and other dogs to play with. My husband picks up my daughter from school every day and brings Henry along. He loves the car ride and seeing the kids at school. He is THE BEST DOG. Having Henry has been so much easier than I ever though it would be to get a puppy. Thanks for doing such a great job with him. We love him with all our hearts.

Love, Joe, Sherrie, Emma, Jake and Henry”

* * * * *

standard labradoodle puppies in Oregon, cream male and apricot and red in Washington.
Georgie, AKA “Hermoine”

“The groomer thinks she is the calmest, most perfect Labradoodle she has ever seen. Everywhere we go, it is nothing but compiments and exclamations regarding her beauty, manners and how smart she is. Truly, she is remarkable and I love her like crazy! I fell in love with her mom Molly, and I had hoped I would have one like her. She strives to please.” – Darlene, adopted “Georgi” from Molly’s 2015 litter.






* * * * *

cream male labradoodles in Portland and Seattle.

Buford is from Molly’s January 2015 litter. “Buford is doing very well! He’s still a big cuddler.”  – Tony and Erin, Seattle

* * * * *

“Charlie is the cutest and we adore him! He is awesome. He knows to go in and out the doggy door. We started clicker training and he picked up on it immediately. Smart boy! We love him!!!” – Christina and Drake, Seattle.  Charlie is from Haley’s February 2015 litter.

Labradoodle puppies available in Salem and Portland Oregon and Washington.







 * * * * *

Labradoodle puppies available in Oregon, now, Washington as well.

Boomer who is now 1 year and 3 months is so sweet..and so so smart! He loves everyone around and is so curious of the world.” Jon and Isabelle in Washington (Bought one of Molly’s pups in 2013.)


      * * * * * *

Standard labradoodle puppies in black or red in Oregon.“Her behavior is great. We can take her anywhere. The groomers love her and can’t believe how good her behavior is. Never goes potty in house. She is so smart!” – Lindsey (talking about Ella from Molly’s 2013 litter.)


* * * * *

Haro with new family“Hard to believe Haro has been with us for over 6 months. He is the joy our life. He is funny, playful, full of life. Quite furry and sits like an ancient proud prince as he waits for us to return throughout our day. He is Eno’s watchful guard dog…. And snuggles him endlessly. He loves hugs!!!! and dances with us as his formal greeting.  We loves his coat… Shiny and thick… His tail wags from excitement.  Sleeps throughout night and rises for a new day with kind affection.
Thank you kindly,
Surya, Tias and Eno* * * * *


* * * * *

Australian labradoodle puppies in Oregon, standard and mini.
Rue, all grown up.

“We are so fortunate to have found VVL and luckily Rue was still available when we did. Rue is as smart as they get; she adjusted to her new home instantly, is very obedient and a quick learner. She loves to follow us around and nap near or on our feet : ) She was constantly praised by the trainer as being one of the best in class. A few of our friends are scared of dogs but Rue quickly influenced them otherwise. In the short time that she’s been with us,Rue has had a positive impact on us and our loved ones, she is amazing! Thanks VVL. If you’re looking to add an addition to the family then Valley Vineyard Labradoodles is the best choice you can make.” – Lana & Brian, California (Purchased one of Haley’s 2013 mini puppies)

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Sam, at home.
Sam, at home.

“We are so excited to have Sam in our family.  He’s very smart and has a wonderful personality.  We feel he was meant to be our dog. When I’m working during the day he’s always nearby and follows me around the house. He has the most beautiful, expressive eyes. He’s a wonderful boy and we are so happy to have him. We are so happy we chose Valley Vineyard Labradoodles as our breeder. Mary was great to work with.” – Camille and Mike, Washington

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Tiki with his new family.
Tiki with his new family.

Tiki is an amazing addition to our family with her calm, sweet personality! Tiki is such an angel and we just adore her!  Mary, from Valley Vineyard Labradoodles, was absolutely amazing to work with.  Mary answered all of our questions and sent us updates on Tiki from the day she was born to the day we picked her up.  I would recommend Valley Vineyard Labradoodles if you are thinking about adding a Labradoodle to your family. We are thrilled with our little Tiki! Thank you, Mary! Tiki is cuddled up to my feet taking a nap right now.  She is such an angel and we love her so much!”  The Cougar Family, Washington

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“Things are great with Bronco.  Everyone has fallen in love with him. I have to rescue him from time to time. My daughter said yesterday that he’s the cutest dog she’s ever seen and he is. He has been wonderful.  And just as you said, so loving.  My son, stayed here at the house with him while we were gone and he said he was too good. He has his places to go sleep and Dan couldn’t find him. He doesn’t bark.  The Vet was so impressed with him. You did a great job getting him started. Potting training is going great. I’m so thankful we found you guys.” – Donna, Idaho

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Bode lives near Washington D.C.
Bode lives near Washington D.C.

“He truly is a blessing to the family. Bode has brought light and joy back into our hearts ~ on his own merit!!! He is such a cuddler when he wants to be and is always so happy to see each and every one of us when morning comes! Words cannot explain how grateful we are that we found you and Bode! Again, thanks for everything! God Bless!”  – The Glass Family, Virginia

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Penny at home with her new family.
Penny at home with her new family.

“Penny’s doing great! We all love to snuggle with her! Penny is such a sweet girl, thanks for everything!”



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Mini and Standard Australian Labradoodle puppies like this one available soon in Oregon.
Standard caramel labradoodle puppy from Molly’s 2013 litter.

Boomer quickly learned his name, imprinted us as his guardians and would always follow us around. He trained easily, wasn’t afraid of vacuums, car rides, the vet and more. Within a few weeks he had earned the right to full freedom of the house, though he would always follow us and nap at our feet. He loves walks, playing in parks and meeting people. We’ve become quite popular in our neighborhood, with people stopping us to pet Boomer, ask how he’s been doing, and where we had gotten him. We take him to training classes and puppy parties to properly socialize him, and he is constantly noted as one of the star performers, extremely obedient and a quick learner. Boomer has become an essential part of our family now, and positively influenced many people around him. My fiance and myself usually don’t have much luck in general, but we really think we hit the jackpot when it came to Boomer, he’s everything and more that we could ever want in a companion, and we’ve only had him for a few months!” – John Wang, Washington. (Purchased one of Molly and Rossi’s 2013 puppies)