More on food, training and more….

Standard, mini and medium Australian Labradoodle puppies coming soon. Oregon breeder producing black, caramel, red, cream and chocolate Labradoodle puppies.
One of our apricot mini pups

Your dog trusts you. So we want to help you to try to be the owner/parent they already believe you are!

Here are some resources  to help you care for your dog food that their bodies can use to stay healthy. Here are some links for training tips too.  We hope you’ll find lots of other great tips and articles within these links.  Visit our Shopping List page for more on products we love. 

We’ll keep adding resources as we find them!

Nuvet Vitamin Supplement (Excellent source of anti oxidents!),

Nature’s Pet Supply (Various locations)

Sellwood Pet Supply (Portland),

Dog Food Advisor,

Common Misunderstandings about Training and Behavior,,

Noble Woof Dog Training,

Dog Training Central

All Natural Dog Food Delivered to Your Door,


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