We have puppies on the way

We are now taking reservations for our spring and summer puppies, and have puppies on the way! We will know more about our availability once our litters start arriving and we have a puppy count.  Read on for more information.

We will soon be seeking a local, great guardian that has the time and love to bring a new mini or medium puppy home to live with them forever.  We’re anticipating a guardianship opportunity this spring or summer. For info on our guardianship program, click here. . .  GUARDIANSHIP

Complete a regular application and indicate “guardian” if you live in the Yamhill County or Portland area and have the love and time to bring a new family member home,  and also the flexibility to transport him to his “dates” periodically.

Kylie and Gunner have brought us a litter of red and black pups in the 20-30 lb. range, going home in mid May. We are currently sorting through our reservations and we will know soon if there are any openings for this litter.

Australian labradoodles standard puppies cream Oregon Portland Seattle
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Little Kylie will bring us various colors.










Nora and Tucker will bring us medium to standard size pups, going home at the end of May. It appears this litter is full, depending on the number of pups that arrive!











Tess and Watson have mated to bring us red pups in the 25-30 lb. range. It appears we have a couple of openings for this litter, but we will know for sure once the puppies arrive!  Pups are due to arrive around April 23, going home in mid June.











Last, we are closely watching Gretel, and Maggie to go into heat soon to bring us puppies in various sizes, starting to arrive in May, going home this summer. See our parents under our Doodle Parents tab.

As a girl goes into heat, we’ll choose one of our best sires for her to bring us the best pups. It’s not too early to get on our reservation list.


Maggie brings us standard size reds.
Gretel brings us pups in the 25-30 lb range
Tess brings us minis and mediums











Submit our online application (found on our home menu bar) to tell us about yourself and the size and timing that you’re most wanting, and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Once approved, we ask for a $500.00 reservation deposit to hold your spot and add you to our reservation list.

Future litter announcements and puppy openings will be posted on this page. We’ll update this page as a mama goes into heat if there is availability for her litter but will continue to work off of our general waiting list as people have placed deposits.

All of our puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture philosophy and the Bio-sensor program, without compromising the best breeding in genetics, health and coat quality. Our family is committed to raising the BEST puppies, to bring joy, companionship, therapy and service to many.Now taking reservations for our fall and winter puppies


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Yes, we let you choose your pup! Puppy selections within a litter are done at around seven weeks of age, in order of the reservation list.

Taking reservations for our fall and winter puppies
Beautiful Molly is our very first labradoodle and the matriarch of our program. She is dearly loved by all of us!

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