We welcome our new stud Oakley, from Pine Lodge Labradoodles

Oregon best labradoodles therapy dogsWe are very excited about our new stud! Oakley was carefully selected after lots of conversations and waiting for just the right sire to replace our boys that are in or nearing retirement. We’re thankful to Pine Lodge Labradoodles for allowing us to have this boy, who comes from a long line of excellent genetics.  We got little Oakley at eight weeks old, and he’s now passed all of his extensive health testing, and will be ready to be a sire for us soon.

His overall temperament is gentle, loving, affectionate and loyal, and his obedience is outstanding. And he has a gorgeous coat, as you can see. He lives with his guardian family, in his forever home.  He is cherished by his family that spends a lot of time with him as a beloved member of their family. He loves snuggling, and stays near his favorite humans. He’s playful, sensitive, and quiet. He loves walks, his humans and the doggy friend that lives nearby. He’s non-shedding, of course! His forever guardian family says, “We just love him.”

He is about as sweet as they come! He makes a great addition to our program and will be used to mate with our mini mamas to bring us smaller sized pups.  Here he is, Oakley!best labradoodle puppy breeder

Name: Pine Lodge Labradoodles Oakley of Valley Vineyard 
ALAA Registration Number:   ALAA-pending
HEALTH TESTING OFA Elbows good, Hips Pennhip .48-.56, Full disease panel and DNA Profile pending, PRA cleared by parentage.
Date Of Birth: September 25, 2022
Sire: Pine Lodge Daring Diesel
Dam: Pine Lodge Sweet Home Alabama
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: 15 inches at the shoulder, 25 lbs.
Pattern: Red with white markings
Color: BBee
Coat: Wavy fleece, non-shedding

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