Our stud, Gunner Barley

We’re so proud of our stud, Starlight Ridge’s Gunner Barley of Valley Vineyard (that’s a mouthful!). We mostly call him “Gunner.”  He passed all his health and DNA testing and is our proven sire that has now brought us many litters with his same beautiful red coat and genetics. He’s about 30 lbs, and has a sweet, calm and obedient temperament – and he’s smart too! A great match for our girls. Gunner Barley lives with our friends that have received him as their forever family member and he is well loved! We’re very thankful to Starlight Ridge Labradoodles for allowing us to adopt our special Gunner Barley.

Starlight Ridge’s Gunner Barley, mostly known as “Gunner” or “Gunny”



Gunner Barley loves everybody. He doesn’t even know this new person he’s nudged up to! He assumes everyone is his friend.


Name: Starlight Ridge’s Gunner Barley of Valley Vineyard, mostly known as “Gunner”
ALAA Registration Number:   ALAA-056842
HEALTH TESTING OFA Elbows good, Pennhip .47, DNA Profile on file, PRA cleared by parentage, IC clear, EIC clear, VWD clear, Retinal Atrophy Clear, Full disease panel on file. His semen evaluation at ICSB:  “excellent.”
Date Of Birth: Nov. 19, 2016
Sire: Seattle’s Bentley at Starlight Ridge
Dam: Starlight Ridge’s Cutest Christie
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: 17 inches, 30 lbs., Small medium
Pattern: solid with white markings
Color: Red, color code BBee, red with black pigmentation
Coat: fleece, non-shedding