Zoe, our new mama to help carry on our therapy line

Zoe has passed all of her extensive health testing and is ready to carry on the legacy of her sweet mama, Piper. Zoe comes from our long line of therapy dogs (as many of our mamas do) and her sweet disposition, intelligence, gentleness and loyalty will be an excellent addition to our breeding program for 2023.  Zoe has a beautiful non-shedding coat and will bring us cream, apricot and red pups in the 25 to 35 lb range.  Zoe is loved by her guardian family and labradoodle sister, and we are proud of this dog!  Here she is, wonderful Zoe.

Variety Multigen Australian Labradoodle, ALAA-100037
DOB Feb 25, 2021
Sire Moonlit Acres Bear
Dam Valley Vineyards Piper
Coat Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)
Color Light Apricot
Size Approx. 25 pounds, 15 inches tall at the shoulder
Health Clearances Hips-Penn hip .52, OFA good hips, Elbows-OFA normal, CERF-normal, PRA clear via parentage, vWD Clear, DNA Profiling Complete

Zoe as a young pup (from Piper’s final litter.)