Valley Vineyard’s Piper

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Australian Labradoodle puppies Portland Salem Beaverton Oregon
Piper at 6 months old.

Piper is our larger mini, 25 lbs., and her size, temperament, obedience and gentle nature makes her as perfect as they come for small kids, seniors and laps. Therapy is her middle name! She loves to sit and snuggle, not into rough play, and is a happy, quiet dog. She watches and waits by her humans’s side, and she’s the one that will tattle on the other dogs by coming to tell us something is wrong! She is incredibly smart and as loyal as they come. She especially loves her morning car rides with her papa to get a coffee drink and then drive around the scenic wineries in our area for a few minutes. It’s the highlight of her day! She produces beautiful puppies from a great line of genetics and temperaments. She brings us red and apricot pups in the 25-30 lb. range. 

Piper at 3 years old.
Piper with her mama Haley, and our Molly.


VarietyMultigen Australian Labradoodle, ALAA-046321
DOBAugust 30, 2015
SireLadd Hill’s “Hawk”
DamBedrock’s Haley
CoatWavy Fleece (non-shedding)
Size25 pounds, 15″ tall (considered a large mini or small medium)
Health ClearancesHips-OFA Good, pennhip, Elbows-OFA normal, CERF-normal, PRA clear via parentage, vWD Clear