It’s a great life in Oregon raising Labradoodles!

Hanging out in the puppy pen. They’ve got the litter box training down at this point. This prepares them for easy potty training once they get to their forever homes.
Mama is checking in on her babies.

We love our puppies and we think it shows. If you want to know more about what goes on in our home on a daily basis, check out the Doodle Blog posts from our home menu bar where you can follow a litter from birth to leaving our home. Once a litter arrives, we keep our families updated through weekly blog posts and pictures, and videos on our Instagram or Facebook page.  Our puppy nursery room is off our kitchen, not in a garage or basement.  Our pups stay close by because we want it that way. They keep us busy and we have family and friends here helping us care for our pups every day. Yes, seven days a week, from early morning until bedtime. We invest a lot in our pups because it matters, and we think it shows in our puppies for life! Check out out testimonial page and you’ll see we’re serious about raising the best pups to bring years of joy, companionship and therapy to the humans they’ll spend their life with.

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