Mission Statement and Guarantee

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Our Mission Statement: To be an ethical, genuine Australian Labradoodle breeder in good standing while promoting this great breed by maintaining their health status, unique nature, temperament and characteristics. We strive to provide top quality dogs, with a focus on excellent temperaments, to loving families and service homes throughout the country.

Our Guarantee: We do everything we can to ensure that the labradoodle puppies we sell are healthy, free of genetic problems, and cared for in a way to produce the best puppies that are on their way to success. We want this to be a good experience for everyone involved.labradoodle, puppies, mini, red, Oregon, Washington, standard, for sale

Having stated that, we do our best to make sure all goes well, but we realize that something outside of our control and our best precautions, could happen. Our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale and to have had all age-appropriate shots and wormings. Our adult breeding dogs have been tested extensively prior to breeding, including hips, eyes, elbows, and genetic disorders to ensure the health of our dogs and the puppies we sell.

As a buyer, you have ten days from the date you receive your pup to have him/her examined by your own vet at your own expense to verify the health and condition of your new puppy. Any puppy found to be unhealthy may be returned to us within the first 14 days for a refund or a replacement, if a replacement is available.

Labradoodle, puppies, standard, Oregon, for sale, red, black, WashingtonOur puppies are guaranteed free from congenital or genetic defects up to the age of three years. Any claimed defect must be shown to be genetic in origin and life altering and/or causing pain and suffering to the pup. As a breeder we reserve the right to have any returned dog re-examined by a vet of our choice at our expense to assess the health and condition of the dog. In the case of hip displaysia discovered in the first three years of a pup’s life, radiographic evidence and a statement from OVC or OFA must be produced by the buyer. In the case of a dispute, OFA or OVC is to judge X-Rays. If the defect is confirmed to be correct, as a breeder we will provide a replacement of a puppy of similar quality and breeding stock and gender as soon as possible.

Purchaser will contact breeder as soon as possible should any major health problems arise.

A very common trait in labradoodles is base narrow canines (BNC). We believe, along with our Veterinarian that any BNC noted at early examination will correct itself as the puppy develops for this breed, and we’ve never encountered any dental correction needed for BNC later on in life. BNC is not covered under this contract except when an adult tooth is growing into the soft palate, causing irritation to the dog. In this case, up to $250 will be refunded for each tooth which is filed and capped during the same anesthetizing time as the spay or neuter surgery. Braces and tooth removal will not be covered by Valley Vineyard Labradoodles. We will need a photograph of the BNC to be reviewed by our Vet at Newberg Veterinary Hospital for us to cover this cost.

If at any time a purchaser can’t fulfill their adoption agreement in raising their dog from us, we ask that we be contacted to assist you in finding a great new home.