Adopting a puppy from us helps feed a starving child


We’re committed to helping to bring love & joy into the world through our puppies. Many of our pups go on to become therapy dogs, others grow up just to bring joy and companionship to their families. But that’s not all. We’re committed to taking dollars we earn from our puppy adoptions and use some of those funds to help bring joy to hurting kids across the world.

A sum of $300.00 of each puppy adoption price will be given to Amazima Ministries and World Relief. Amazima provides love, food, shelter and education to the many children without parents in Uganda. World Relief helps refugees, immigrants and displaced families at our border and elsewhere.

Australian Labradoodle breederHere’s just some of the work done at Amazima Ministries: “We provide every student with a loving home, invested house parents, excellent teachers, nutritious food, great extra-curricular opportunities, strong academics, and vocational studies all within a biblical worldview. We believe God made each of these children in His image which gives them infinite and eternal value. The Amazima School is a unique and transformational opportunity to educate and empower the young people of Uganda with God’s love.”  For more information, check out

The Bell family, from Amazima Ministries, paid us a visit.

World Relief is partnering with over 6,000 churches and 95,000 local volunteers to tackler the world’s greatest problems including violence and oppression, extreme poverty and support for refugees, immigrants and displaced families to receive food and safety in a time of great need. For more information, check out